Archaeopalynological investigations in the territory of Sagalassos (southwestern Turkey)


Palynological research is performed in the territory of Sagalassos in order to make a reconstruction of the landscape, with particular interest for the Hellenistic-Roman Period. In the first place, the objective is to estimate the impact of the Hellenistic and Roman people on the landscape. Also, it is tried to find out whether climate changes had an influence on the vegetation. Cores are sampled from different parts in the territory of Sagalassos to have an overview of the vegetation changes throughout the territory. Additionally, modern pollen studies are performed as a reference frame for the interpretation of the fossil pollen data.


palynology, paleo-ecology, vegetations, reconstruction, archeology, paleoclimates, terrestrial, botany, vegetation-reconstruction, Ponds and lakes , standing waters, Garrigue, maquis and bush, Forests, Cultivated and artificial habitats, Ecology, Sagalassos, SW-Turkey, southwestern Turkey, Vascular plants, Spermatophyta


Turkey {Geographical scope}


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Laboratory of Plant Systematics unknown


Reference Role
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