Structural and functional biodiversity of North Sea ecosystems


An ecosystem is characterised by the species composition of the communities, the interactions among species and environment, and the functions within the communities. Shallow coastal zones are highly productive and important in the functioning of open sea systems. The delineation of the evolutionary and ecological perspectives of marine populations will be done with key species. The contribution of the Laboratory of Ecology and Aquaculture is situated at the level of the population genetics of fish and parasites. The genetic structure, gene flow and hybridisation among gobies (genus Pomatoschistus), the genetic structure of flatfish and endoparasites (e.g. Cyrodactylus) are dealth with. Parasites are very useful for the identification of the structural and functional biodiversity because they act as markers of the host.

Distribution in space and time of ecological indicators for sustainable development in Sandbank-ecosystems of the North Sea. Structural and functional biodiversity of North Sea Eosystems.

Research on the main components determinating the biodiversity of marine ecosystems and its changes. Transforming this knowledge into usable parameters for governmental management, e.g. by means of ecological indicatorspecies.


Amphipoda, Annelida, benthic-pelagic coupling, bentho-pelagic relations, benthos, biogeography, biological indicatorspecies, brackish water, changes, conservation, continental shelf, Copepoda, Crustacea, Decapoda, Echinodermata, ecology, epibenthos, estuaries, estuarine, Flemish Banks, fluxes, free-living nematods, GIS, hyperbenthos, ichthyology, indicator species, Invertebrata, Isopoda, land cover and habitat mapping, macrobenthos, marine, marine and coastal habitats, meiobenthos, Metazoa, Mollusca, Mysidacea, nekton, Nematoda, North Sea, oceanography, oceanology, Pisces, Polychaeta, recruitment, restoration and sustainable use of niodiversity, sandbanks, Southern Bight, sustainable development, sustainable management, systematics, taxonomy, zoology, parasites, pomatoschistus, population genetics, fish, gene flow, molecular markers


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