'Agricultural Sector in the Member States and EU : econometric modelling for projections and analysis of EU policies on agriculture, forestry and the environment-AGMEMOD'
A Namurian A (Silesian, Carboniferous) permineralized flora from the Carrière du Lion at Engihoul (Belgium)
ACONITE: Association for Mapping of Naturals Organisms, Taxonomical and Ecological Survey
Acidic soil fertility rebirth by organic matter in Rwanda
Acritarch biodiversity and biostratigraphy at the Frasnian-Famennian boundary in Belgium
Adaptation of global institutions to the requirements of an ethics of sustainable development
Additional micropalaeontological studies about the environmental evolution in Northern Tunisia during Upper Pleistocene and Holocene periods
Agricultural risk management and an insurance program for the coffee sector in Haiti.
Air pollution: legal issues
Analyses of cold resistance, diapause and overwintering in Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)
Analyses of sexe détermination and allocation in Microhymenoptera
Analysis of physiological and economical impact of the ornemental trees pruning
Analysis of withering of riverbanks and forest trees. Brutal mortality of beech in the forest and of alder along the river in the walloon region (southern part of Belgium). Monitoring and disase management.
Animal adhesive systems and biofouling: an integrated study -biomechanical, morphological, biochemical, molecular- of the processes involved in the adhesion of marine invertebrates to natural or artificial substrata
Application of genetic fingerprints in biodiversity analysis of fish species: fario trouts, sea trouts and salmons
Application of genetic fingerprints in the biodiversity analysis of salmons and deers
Application of the hydromorphologic quality's global assessment methodology to the walloon water bodies
Appraisal of the role of nutrients and water stress in the changes of crown conditions for Oak and Spruce stands.
Bacterial Ecology and Water Microbial Quality.
Bacteriophage and virus contribution to the microbial virulence of soil : metagenomic approach.
Basic researches in echinoderm biology (marine invertebrates).
Belgian EMBnet Node
Biodiversity (zoogeography, systematics and bioecology) of echinoderms (echinoids and asteroids).
Biodiversity and biotechnology at Madagascar.
Biodiversity and ecological importance of algae and fungi in marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Papua New Guinea
Biodiversity and ecological importance of tropical polypores. Field and laboratory study
Biodiversity conservation: survey, monitoring and management strategies
Biodiversity of bioluminescence.
Biodiversity, biostratigraphy and paleoecology of Frasnian acritarchs of Belgium
Bioecology of echinoderm populations in littoral marine ecosystems.
Biogeochemical cycles and population dynamics in a lake ecosystem
Biogeography and systematics of higher Hymenoptera of the mediterranean region.
Bioinspiration : towards mixed societies of natural and artificial agents
Biological Control
Biological Invasions
Biology and genetic population analysis of a european invasive forest species: Prunus serotina Ehrh.
Biology of Social Insects - Social Evolution
Biology of echinoderm-based symbioses.
Biomineralization in Metazoa: molecular, supramolecular, and cellular approaches.
Biomonitoring as a tool for ecological quality assessment of natural water
Bioremediation of soils and materials polluted by chlorophenols and fuels
Biostratigraphical and paleoenvironmental analysis of the pyritized diatoms assemblages of the Upper Paleocene and Lower Eocene from the Dieppe-Hampshire, Belgium, Denmark and Tethys Basins
Biostratigraphy of the Parana Basin, Brazil
Biotechnological applications of chitin and chitosan
CHAMBOIS : Biotraitement d'effluents industriels colorés et étude de la valorisation de la biomasse en compostage de déchets verts.
COMMINANDES : Sustainable potato production on Andean urban and peri-urban ares by combining bio-composting and microbial inoculants.
Caracterization of strains of lignivorous fungi producing xylanases potentially adaptable to extreme conditions of industrial processes
Catfish biodiversity and aquaculture in Benin. Research on the Phylogeny of Siluriformes (cat fish) families
Characterization of the factors influencing the starch structure and its consequences on the valorization of indigenous wheat.
Chemical ecology of insects : Natural products (semiochemicals) regulating tritrophic interactions between plants, insect herbivores and their natural enemies
Coevolutive adaptation between Coleoptera Coccinellidae and Hymenoptera Formicidae
Common Agricultural Policy Strategy for Regions, Agriculture and Trade
Comparative functional morphology of termite nests (insecta isoptera)
Comparison of sugar beet genotypes resistant to BNYVV by in situ immunolocalisation.
Conservation biology of some bat (Mammalia, Chiroptera) species and comparative ecology of the two long-eared bats (gen.Pletocus)
Conservation of plant genetical resources
Conservation of the otter on the River Lesse catchment. Habitat evaluation and restoration strategy.
Contractual relationships supporting production and marketing of export crops in Sub-Saharan Africa
Contribution of the new university co-operation to the Belgian politics for development
Contribution to a methodology for a 'more responsible consumption guide'
Contribution to the editing of the DGRNE activity reports
Contribution to the identification of disease resistance loci in livestock
Contribution to the realisation of walloon hydrogeological maps
Cooperation and conflicts in Formicidae societies
Cophylogeography of the wood mouse and of one of its specific endoparasite (Nematoda)
Cotton improvement through interspecific hybridization
Countryside management.
Creation of a "Belgian Biological Resource Centre"
Cupules and pre-ovules from the Upper Devonian of Belgium
DFF: Development of a software designed to manage and exploit biological databases.
Data base cell
Decision support system for agricultural and environmental economics
Depollution of agroindustrial effluents by basidiomycetes fungi
Determination of the distribution of the main wild species of the genus Beta in Morocco and analysis of their genetic diversity.
Development and use of advanced methods for genetic improvement of animals
Development and use of linear mixed models in animal genetics
Development of a function library for making a training set with the ZOOSCAN system
Development of an optical detection system for diseases in field crops with a view to reduce pesticides by targeted application
Development of awareness tools for a sustainable use of pesticides
Development of biological control methods against plant pathogens
Development of commercial endomycorrhizal inoculants (Fert-Rize)
Development of decision-making processes as part of a participating approach for sustainable forest management
Development of environmental information systems
Development of insecticides-resistant insects esterases as bioremediation tools
Development of integrated pest management against carrot fly
Development of new products. Integration of technologies in the enterprises. Economic studies
Development of silvicultural orientations and programmes for broad-leaved and coniferous species in Walloon Region
Development of techniques for biodiversity restoration in grasslands
Development of teleost faunas during Late Cretaceous and Paleogene
Development of traps for Hylecoetus dermestoïdes in beech-tree forests
Diagnosis and proposals for a sustainable development of the Qadisha Valley in Libanon. World inheritance of UNESCO
Diagnostic of plant pathogens
Dynamic study of the trophic relations between planktonic organisms in running waters : the microbial loop
Echinoderm biology
Ecology and Control of Forest Insects
Ecology of open communities in the High Ardennes (plateau des Tailles)
Economic and managerial aspects of biodiversity.
Ecotoxicologic study of North Sea sediments using echinoderm larvae
Ecotoxicology, biomonitoring; physiological stress in plants; study of behaviour and biodisponibility of pollutants in terrestrial ecosystems
Efficiency of the supply of gardening products in West-African cities : case study of Cotonou
Elaboration norms for forest operations in Walloon Region
Embryogenesis, in vitro embryoculture and interspecific hybridisations in Phaseolus (P. vulgaris, P. coccineus et P. polyanthus)
Energy budgets of animals (individuals and populations)
Entomological biodiversity and evolutionary ecology in the neotropics
Environment study for the Building of the 4th Lock in Lanaye
Environmental Law Principles
Environmental evaluation
Environmental impacts of land use change
Epistémologie de la biologie
Establishment of agro-environmental indicators
Etude génétique de la variabilité intraspécifique de l'ophiure Amphipholis squamata et association de cette variabilité aux variations des différents paramètres ayant des conséquences adaptatives sur la fitness de cette espèce.
European 's agricultural products demand imports modeling
Evaluation and use of beneficial insects in fields vegetable corps
Evaluation of cropping systems on the development of wheat pathogens and research for better resistance to foliar blights.
Evaluation of direct and indirect protections for forest plants against game
Evaluation of potentialities to use lactic bacteria for elaboration and conservation of meat products in Tunisia
Evaluation of the nutritive value of temperate (Belgium) and tropical grasses (Burundi and Vietnam) in sheep and cattle.
Evaluation, faunistics and management of the pollinating bees of natural reserves of the Pyrénées (France)
Evolutionary Genetics and Biology of plant populations
Evolutionary modification of the feeding mechanism in flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes) from hatching to adult stage
FUNCLEAN : Développement d'un bioréacteur de traitement d'effluents colorés.
Fate, pathway and impact of organochlorinated micropollutants in freshwater organisms (running waters and lakes)
Feasability of an environmentally-sound integrated product policy in Belgium
Feasibility study about the creation of a spin-off company for the treatment of dye contaminated wastewater through the use of fungal enzyme.
Floral biology and plant reproduction
Food request : evolutions and prospects
Forest ecosystems – cat_APP « Organic carbon storage in a planting of Hevea brasiliensis, Brasil » – Classe_13
Forest ecosystems – cat_APP « Organic matter dynamics during a silvicultural cycle : organic carbon pools and reactivity, and fluxes in a time sequence of Fagus sylvatica L. stands growing on acid brown soils » – Classe_35
Forest ecosystems – cat_LOG « Organic matter dynamics during a silvicultural cycle : organic carbon pools and reactivity, and fluxes in a time sequence of Fagus sylvatica L. stands growing on acid brown soils » – Classe_47
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « Effects of canopy heterogeneity on the spatio-temporal variability of atmospheric inputs in mixed oak–beech stands » Classe_10
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « Effects of canopy heterogeneity on the spatio-temporal variability of atmospheric inputs in mixed oak–beech stands » Classe_A2
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « In situ weathering study in a toposequence of soils on Famennian shales » Classe_5
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « Influence of thinning grade on dry matter and element storage in the holorganic layers of even-aged spruce stands » Classe_ 15
Forest ecosystems – cat_SCI « Spatial modeling of foliar litter dynamics in mixed oak–beech stands » Classe_ 60
Forest management
Fossil plant assemblages from the Lower Devonian of Morocco: systematics, taphonomy, palaeoecology, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy
From the simplicity of individual decision-making to the complexity of social organization in ant societies
Function, effects and evolution of customary land law under demographic pressure
Functional genomics of plant resistance to abiotic stress
Functional morphology of tegumentary structures in insects
Functioning of plant and animal populations and microevolutionary differentiation
Functionning and functions of earthworm communities
Fungal Biological Resource Center in the Caribbean Zone.
Fungicide resistance in fungi.
GIS - Cat_APP "Intégration des travaux pratiques de Géomatique et de Pédologie appliquée " Classe_10 UCL-FDP
GIS - Cat_APP "Intégration of GIS infrastructures used by the Ministry of Agriculture (IG-4) for management, dissemination and update of geographical data" - Classe_124 - RW-DGA
GIS - Cat_APP "Mapping and Monitoring by Remote Sensing of World Heritage Sites in DRC using an Integrated System of Geographical Information " - Class_188 - UNESCO-OSTC
GIS - Cat_APP "Spatio-temporal analysis of influential environmental factors for the transmission dynamics of paludism" - Class_120 - IMT
GIS - LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY - Cat_SCI "Habitat selection modelling and sensibility of species to land use planning: application to avian communities in Famenne (Belgium)" Classe_BO UCL
GIS - LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY - Cat_SCI "Multi-scale spatio-temporal modelling of the landscape impact on the recolonization of a riparian environment by the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra, L.) in a land use planning perspective" Classe_125 FNRS
GIS Cat_APP "Programme de collaboration en géomatique et cartographie entre le Sénégal et la Communauté française de Belgique (UCL,Ulg)" Classe_10 CGRI
Genetic and environmental factors affecting the duration of life
Genetic and genomic studies of the virulence factors found among Bacillus cereus sensu lato group members
Genetics of the European mink (Mustela lutreola)
Genomics and proteomics
Groundwater quality characterization using macro-invertebrates.
Habitats and ecological niches of invertebrates
Heavy metal ecotoxicology in marine environments
History of French travels of discoveries at the beginning of the XIXth century with a special interest for the Baudin expedition
Hydrogeological investigation of Lutetian sand in the Gentissart natural reserve
Hydrogeological investigation of karstic Devonian limestone in the southern Belgium.
Hydrogeological study of karstic area.
Identification and typing of viruses and Polymyxa associated with rhizomania and determination of resistance potential in sugar beet varieties
Identification of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral molecules
Identification of microsatellite markers in pigeon pea for exploitation of biodiversity with respect to earliness and drought resistance.
Impact of silvicultural systems on biodiversity : a comparative study in Ardenne.
Impact of silvicultural systems on biological communities in Walloon Region.
Impacts of management on forest ecosystem stability: afforestation after clearcut
Impacts of tree species on forest soils : nutrient dynamics, soil quality, microbial diversity and activity
Implementation of indicators for measuring the environmental performance of firms and their contribution to sustainable development.
Improving or modification of analysis methods
Indicators and environmental data
Influence of genotype and diet on the quality of meat and the profile of fatty acids in meat and different adipose tissues in herbivores.
Integrated cereal production
Integrated control of Polymyxa spp., vector of plant viruses.
Integrated scheme for the preservation of the water quality and the ecological valorization of the Eau d'Heure lakes within the framework of the tourist and economic development of the site
Interactions between plants and phytophagous insects in the context of biological control. Biochemically mediated interactions and olfactometry. Influence of endosymbionts on aphid adaptation to the host plant. Impact of the host plant on the genetic
Interdisciplinary approach to cultural space
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers in the rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus Pallas, and their use to analyze genetic diversity among natural populations from the River Meuse basin
Isolation and structure determination of bioactive molecules from Cyanophyceae
Juridico-institutional remedies for lasting mobility in urban and peri-urban areas
LAND USE PLANNING - Cat_SCI "Dynamiques agraires, irrigation et institutions dans le delta du Fleuve Rouge (Viêt-nam) - Une analyse multi-scalaire de la gestion agricole de l'eau" Classe_00
LAND USE PLANNING - Cat_SCI "Improvement of live conditions of Sahelian farmers thanks to bioeconomical tools as decision support system" - Classe_276 - DGCI/ICRISAT
LAND USE PLANNING - cat_SCI "Agricultural Dynamics in Areas under Urban Influence in South-East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia): Competition over Resources and Creation of New Markets around Secondary Cities" - Class_112 - EU-INCO/GRET
LAND USE PLANNING Cat_SCI "Etude de l’impact de l’intensification de la mise en valeur agricole sur la qualité des sols et des eaux" Classe_0 RW-DGRI
Land-use planning and spatial developpment
Landscape studies
Late Devonian and Early Carboniferous miospore quantitative analysis and relation with paleoclimates and glaciations
Legal aspects of biodiversity conservation in land-use planning
Les outils de développement territorial et de gestion environnementale à l'échelle locale Méthodologie, expérimentation, rationalisation
Les rapports sciences-sociétés
Life in rural areas
Liming and manuring in Norway Spruce, Beach and Oak Stands.
MIDASS - Microbial Detection in Air System for Space
MOSAICC_Micro-organisms sustainable use and access regulation international code of conduct.
Macro-evolutionary molecular genetics.
Management of biodiversity.
Management of the Wallonian plots of the European forest intensive and continuous monitoring network.
Microbial bioconstructions: comparative study of recent (biofilms, bacterial mats) and fossil (oncoïds, bacterial tufts and mats, bioherms) bioconstructions and of their (paleo)ecological significances.
Microbial engineering applied to the production and distribution of drinking water and waste water treatments.
Mineral cycling in forested catchments: long term evolution, ecosystemic consequences of climatic events and of manipulations (liming, clear cutting, reforestation)
Miospores data bank from the Ordovician to the Middle Devonian
Modelling land use change in Europe
Modelling of grass growth on the basis of ecophysiological parameters related with radiation, temperature, water and nitrogen supply
Molecular and biological characterization of cereal mosaics and their vector Polymyxa graminis in Walloonia
Molecular markers and plant breeding
Molecular study of transposable elements and plasmids among members of the Bacillus cereus group
Monitoring and Spatial Modelling of Land-Cover Changes in tropical areas
Morphological study of Damselfish (Perciformes, Pomacentridae) biodiversity in French Polynesia
Multidisciplinary approach of the sound production in fishes
Multidisciplinary management of the environment in marginal arid and semi-arid areas
Natural and landscape heritages management in the territorial development
Natural hybridization between Rhinanthus minor and Rhinanthus angustifolius (Scrophulariaceae)
Neo-Amazonian Social Space: practices and symbolism in the ecology of the Caboclas population of North Maranhao
Nitrogen cycle and fertility transfers in crop rotations.
Non tariff barriers effect on agricultural and food products international trade in Sub-Saharan Africa
Nutrient pathways at the continent-ocean interface and coastal eutrophication. The Scheldt-South Bight of the North Sea.
Oil and protein crops
Opinion poll on sustainable development
Optimisation of production and application of two biopesticides on fruits
Organisation, ex situ and in situ conservation of genetic diversity in food legumes in cucurbits and in an clean root and tuber crops
Origin, phylogeny and diversification of archaic actinopterygian fishes
Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from the Paleocene-Eocene Transition at Leval (Hainaut, Belgium) based on plant remains (leaves, wood fragments, palynoflora)
Palaoenvironments and stratigraphy during the two Millions years before present, based on fossil diatoms
Paleoenvironment and human settlement in Western Africa : archaeological and archaeobotanical studies of the holocene sequences at Ounjougou (Mali)
Palynological characterization of the Siluro-Devonian boundary in Bulgaria
Palynology and Palynofacies of coal - bearing sequences fron low Tertiary (Paleocene - Eocene limit) of Colombia and Venezuela
Pertinence assessment of minimal fungicide use strategies on winter wheat
Pest management using predators and parasitoids in experimental orchards.
Phylogeography of the genus Rhinanthus in Europe
Phytogeography and Ecology of Tropical Africa
Plant clinic, C.O.R.D.E.R., non profit organisation.
Plant populations in Ardenne heathlands and bogs.
Plants soils relationships.
Plateform of phylogenetic study of biodiversity
Political Instruments of sustainable development and population role
Polychlorinated biphenyls bioremediation
Postglacial recolonisation and differentiation of the common dipper (Cinclus cinclus) in the western paleartic
Postglacial recolonisation, phylogeography and genetic variability of forest rodents in Europe (Garden dormouse, wood mouse and yellow-necked woodmouse).
Primary commodities and developing country: Case study of Burundi's tea channels
Production of biosurfactants
Project PIRENE - Integrated Research Program on Environment and Water - Economic analysis of water uses
Psychrophilic microorganisms : a good tool for bioremediation purposes
REMOTE SENSING - AGRICULTURE - Cat_APP "Agriculture Monitoring by Remote Sensing in Walloon Region(SAGRIWATEL)" - Class_76 - OSTC
REMOTE SENSING - AGRICULTURE - Cat_SCI "Development of dedicated polarimetric indices for the crop growth monitoring by microwave and optical remote sensing (ENVISAT AO-ID 680)" Class_92 - ESA
REMOTE SENSING - AGRICULTURE - Cat_SCI "Modelling crop growth based on assimilation of remotely senses data for hydrology and plant parameters (STEREOCROP)" - Classe_565 OSTC
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS - Cat_APP "Contribution of VHR satellite imagery for the forest management and monitoring" - RW-DGRE
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS - Cat_APP "Use of VHR satellite data for forest cartography (FORECAST)" - Class_84 - OSTC
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS - Cat_SCI "Object-oriented change detection method for the forest monitoring based on comparison between high resolution satellite images" Classe_125 FRIA
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS - Cat_SCI "TREES-Tropical forest experiment : seasonality monitoring" Classe_147-OSTC
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS ? Cat_APP "BEGo Build Environment for Gorillas" Classe_10 ESA/MRAC
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS – Cat_APP "Pour une gestion participative des ressources naturelles de la Forêt aux Philippines" - Classe_10 - CIUF/FUNDP
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS – Cat_SCI "Forest species recognition and stand structure retrieval using multiangle hyperspectral data (CHRIS AO)" - Classe_92 - ESA-PRODEX
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS – Cat_SCI "Inventaire géomatique de la Forêt Classée de Balmadou (Sénégal)" Classe_28 GTZ
REMOTE SENSING - FORESTS – Cat_SCI "Mise au point d’une méthodologie de cartographie et de caractérisation des peuplements forestiers intégrant les images de très hautes résolutions spatiale et spectrale et des données auxiliaires" Cat_26 - UCL-FSR
REMOTE SENSING - METHODS - Cat_APP "Optimisation of Urban Parks Management using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery (SUGRES)" - Class_34 - OSTC/GIM
REMOTE SENSING - METHODS - Cat_SCI "Automated processing of optical time series for land surface mapping and change detection (GlobalWatch) - Class_124 - OSTC
REMOTE SENSING - METHODS - Cat_SCI "Development of SAR inversion algorithms for land applications" - Class_37 - ESA-ESTEC / Gamma
REMOTE SENSING - METHODS – Cat_APP "Desing and production of a large remote sensing poster about the extension of the European Union" Classe_10 SSTC
REMOTE SENSING - METHODS – Cat_APP "Pan-European land cover map derived from 366 daily SPOT VEGETATION images in the framework of the Global Land Cover 2000 Initiative" Classe_28 SSTC
REMOTE SENSING - METHODS – Cat_SCI "Exploitation des effets angulaires pour la cartographie et la caractérisation de la végétation à l'échelle globale - Analyse d'une série temporelle de données journalières mondiales acquises avec le capteur VEGETAT
REMOTE SENSING - METHODS – Cat_SCI "Retrieval of surface characteristics from AVHRR data study (11581-95-12 A1CA ISP B)" Classe_45 EU-JRC
REMOTE SENSING – AGRICULTURE – Cat_SCI "Application multitemporelle des images SAR pour le suivi de la croissance de cultures, modélisation dynamique du signal et analyse des variables biophysiques" Classe_133 ESA-OSTC
REMOTE SENSING – AGRICULTURE – Cat_SCI "Biophysical variables extraction from radar data for crop growth monitoring" Classe_100 FRIA
REMOTE SENSING – AGRICULTURE – Cat_SCI "Caracterisation by radar and optical remote sensing of the dynamic of dry crop and of the drainage problem in the Red River Delta (Vietnam)" Classe_20 UE-INCO
REMOTE SENSING – AGRICULTURE – Cat_SCI "Etude pour l'amélioration du suivi agricole par la télédétection spatiale à petite et moyenne échelles en appui aux activités du Centre Commun de Recherche" - Classe_28 - SSTC-JRC
REQUASUD : rapid procedures for the identification and enumeration of bacteria in the field of food microbiology.
Rational conservation and use of forest ecosystems in central Africa
Recognition of customary soils in protected areas (Africa)
Recovery of farm effluent
Recycling of animal sludge, urban sewage and industry by-products for use as fertilizer in agriculture and horticulture
Regulation of non-point source pollution under revenue uncertainty
Relations between flower biology and pollinating insects and allogamy vs. autogamy
Relict populations of Rhopalocera
Research in support to the Belgian politic of cooperation. Integrated management by local actors of physical, plant and animal resources for a quality of life and a lasting development.
Research on plant viruses
Research on the relations between Carapid fihes and their Echinderma or Mollusc hosts
Resource allocation : patterns of fruit and seed set within inflorescences
Resource allocation and Revenue distribution Shifts under Agricultural Markets Liberalization in Benin
Response to physical and trophic constraints of the Southern Ocean global ecosystem-III : role of the picophytoplancton
Restauration de la biodiversité dans les couverts herbacés
Revision of the legal system related to no navigable waterways
Risk Management: Perspective for Agriculture in Wallonia
Role of benthic algae in the ecosystem of the Revellata Bay (Corsica), with the aim of obtaining a model of ecological control processes of an oligotrophic Mediterranean site
Role of mycotoxins in the Kashin-Beck disease in Tibet
Rural migrations and food security in Sud-Kivu, Congo DR
SPACE-TIME STATISTICS - Cat_SCI "Analyse statistique par l'approche du Maximum d'Entropie Bayésien" Classe_40 UCL-FSR
SPACE-TIME STATISTICS - Cat_SCI "Incorporation de l'information imprécise en prédiction spatiale et temporelle: l'approche du Maximum d'Entropie Bayésien" Classe_125 FRIA
SPACE-TIME STATISTICS - Cat_SCI "Spatial prediction of soil properties: the Bayesian Maximum Entropy approach " Classe_BO UCL
Scientific collaboration on an exhibition on sustainable development for the Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences. (IRSNB)
Scientific communication in the field of sustainable development
Scientific support for the permanent Walloon forest inventory.
Scientifical support to the implementation of the Natura 2000 network in Walloonia.
Screening and improvment of water quality
Sea-urchin and sea-cucumber cultivation.
Search for new antibiotics and for antibiotics toxicity protector molecules
Seed predation and dispersal : impact of ant fauna on vegetation
Selection for resistance to plant diseases
Self-organisation in biological systems
Setting TAC: a multispecies approach for fisheries management
Social formation, reproduction and reconstruction of collective identities and ethnic boundaries from and through a local community in the Andes of Chachapoyas, Peru.
Soil science
Solid waste and landfill management in Africa
Speciation, polyploidization, hybridization and introgression in the genus Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae)
Species complex and speciation
Specific and subspecific variations of Coleoptera Chrysomelidae and Hymenoptera Bombinae in the main refugia of the Palaearctic region.
Stress physiology : mechanisms of resistance to salt, drought, iron and heavy metals toxicities. In vitro selection for improving plant tolerance to environmental stresses.
Studies of agricultural utilization of composts and other organic wastes
Studies on the patrimonial and natural values of forest's successions : the suberries
Study and elaboration of forestry techniques aiming to increase biodiversity
Study and modelling of coastal eutrophication in the Phaeocystis-dominated Southern Bight of the North Sea
Study of African medicinal plants
Study of antioxidant properties of compounds from marine organisms.
Study of bioluminescence in fishes and echinoderms.
Study of control mechanisms of bioluminescence in ophiuroids (Echinodermata).
Study of digestive physiology in the ruminant : salivary secretion, eating and ruminating behavior, ruminal fauna, kinetics of digestion.
Study of follow-up of impact studies in Wallonia
Study of genetic markers associated with animal productions, reproduction and health
Study of metabolic adaptations and antioxidant systems in abyssal and hydrothermal organisms.
Study of quaternary paleoenvironments and paleoclimates in the mountainous areas of the central african rift (Rwanda, Burundi, Kivu, Shaba)
Study of technological and physiological factors limiting hydrocarbons polluted soil bioremediation
Study of the African Flora
Study of the biodiversity of the wrecks of the Belgian continental shelf by the scientific diving
Study of the biological conversion of gypsum, an industrial by-product, by sulfate-reducing bacteria
Study of the ichthyofauna of the Malagarazi basin (Lake Tanganyika system)
Study of the initial dynamic of the vegetation colonization in hardwood forest gaps
Study of the migration of the black stork (Ciconia nigra) by ARGOS - satellite telemetry
Study of the population dynamics of aphids, their predators and parasitoids in cereal crops, orchards and glasshouses and biological control. Development of a method for mass rearing of parasitoids.
Study of the production and the forage quality of cutting meadow
Study of the seed infection by the Peanut clump virus
Study of the supply chain of organic milk in Wallonia
Study of the vegetation near Peyresq in the Department 'Alpes de Haute Provence' (Southern France)
Study related to the feasibility of the ecological networks
Supply Chains of Specific Quality in Wallonia
Support action (1999-2003) related to the Belgian Coordinated collections of micro-organismes (BCCM) within the framework of the Budapest Treaty
Support for the basic material selection dedicated to the forest species reproduction in the Walloon Region
Survey of the belgian and european agricultural law
Sustainable and diversified livestock production systems in tropical regions
Sustainable conservation of animal genetic resources in European marginal rural areas
Sustainable conservation of animal genetic resources in marginal rural areas: integrating molecular genetics, socio-economics and geostatistical approaches
Sustainable development: concepts, principles, practices
Sustainable introduction of GMO’s into European Agriculture: Assessment of expected market prices and traded quantities of GM products
Symbioses and biodiversity in marine environment
System approach of sustainable farming
Systematic, ecology and chronology of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi in Belgium and surrounding areas
Systematics, evolution and biostratigraphy of the Early Land Plants from Laurussia (and more particularly from Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France)
Taxonomic and phylogenetic revision of the aculeate Hymenoptera.
Taxonomy and ecogeography of lichenized fungi of forests in tropical regions
Taxonomy, vegetation and ecology of diatoms and desmids in freshwaters. Application to the study of running waters quality.
Technical assistance for biological management of landfills in Haïti
The African cassava mosaic : epidemiology, identification, varietal resistance and optimisation of the yield in the Kivu district.
The Antarctic Ocean -and his sea ice- and global change: study and modeling of physico-chemical and biological mechanisms controlling CO2 exchanges at the air-ice-sea interface
The Azolla/Anabaena symbiosis: fundamental and applied aspects
The Cooksonia floras from the Lower Devonian from the Parana Basin (Brazil)
The implementation of agri-environmental practices in farms
The loyalties of knowledge - The positions and responsibilities of the sciences and of scientists in a democratic constitutional state
The luminous ophiuroid Amphipholis squamata as a model for studying microevolutive process: genetial, physiological, morphological, demographical and behavioural studies.
The problem of the elargement of eastern countries to the European union : agricultural impacts
The quarries in the Region Wallonne: inventory, biological interest and propositions of sites to protect
The role of public authorities in integrated product policy: regulators or coordinators?
Tourism and environment
Transmission and transformation of environmental savoirs in indigenous and mongrels groups
Typology and management of private and public broad-leaved forests : sylvicultural orientations - demonstration network - popularization.
Télédétection - Cat_APP "Apport de la télédétection spatiale à la caractérisation de la bonité des milieux forestiers pour les grands herbivores sauvages en Région wallonne" Classe_17 - SSTC
Télédétection - Cat_APP "Contribution to the desert locust monitoring" - Classe_96 - FA0-SSTC VEGETATION
Télédétection - Cat_APP "Contrôle de qualité du MNA produit par inteferrométrie radar" - Classe_29 - CSL(ULg)
Télédétection - Cat_APP "Développement d'un système d'aide à l'interprétation d'images SAR et InSAR en agriculture" - classe_86 - SSTC
Télédétection - Cat_APP "Eurosense Improved System for the Area Subsidy Control System" - Classe_47 - ESA-ESRIN
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Cartographie régionale des forêts tropicales humides de l'Asie du Sud-Est" - Classe_40 - FDS
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Collaborative research on study of the TREES ERS SAR Mosaic of Central Africa" - EU-JRC
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Dedicated remote sensing product generation for the agro-industry : cereal case ? Extension Phase" Classe_25 - ESA-ESRIN/SYNOPTICS
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Dedicated remote sensing product generation for the agro-industry : cereal case" - Classe_37 - ESA-ESRI/SYNOPTICS
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Development of Radar Extracted Data Products for Crop Early Monitoring Systems" - Classe_116 - ESA-ESRIN
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Développement méthodologique pour l'interprétation de données VEGETATION" - Classe_10 - EU-JRC
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Exploitation des potentialités du laser aéroporté à balayage pour la production de modèles numériques de terrain sous couvert forestier et l''estimation de données dendrométriques" - RW-DGTRE
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Intégration géostatistique de variables biophysiques mesurées à différentes résolutions spatio-temporelles" - Classe_117 - SSTC
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Multitemporal SAR data for crop monitoring - signal modelling and analysis of biophysical variables dynamic" - ADRO
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Retrieval of surface characteristics from AVHRR data study" - Classe_45 - EU-JRC
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Sensitivity Analysis of Compositing Strategies : Modeling and Experimental Investigations (post -launch phase)" - Classe_111 - SSTC
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Sensitivity Analysis of Compositing Strategies : Modeling and Experimental Investigations (post-launch phase)" - Classe_9 - CNES
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Sensitivity Analysis of Compositing Strategies : Modeling and Experimental Investigations" - Classe_150 - SSTC
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Sensitivity Analysis of Compositing Strategies : Modeling and Experimental Investigations" - Classe_62 - CNES
Télédétection - Cat_SCI "Tropical forest experiment : seasonality monitoring" - Classe_147 - SSTC-JRC TREES
Télédétection - Cat_SCI - "An assessment of SAR phasimetry by case studies in agriculture" - Classe_32 - ESA-Prodex/CSL
Ultrastructural research in animal biology : functional morphology of arthropods and echinoderms
Urban Agriculture for food security and well-being in Butembo (North-Kivu - R.D. of Congo)
Use of chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments as biomarkers : algal pigments as biomarkers of phytoplankton composition
Use of local biodiversity resources for stored grain protection in Cameroun
Use of mycorrhizal fungi for the phytostabilisation of radio-contaminated environments.
Use of very high resolution satellite imagery for forest mapping applications – FORECAST
Valorisation of the Cuban forest biological diversity through the search of ligno-cellulolytic fungi for complex organic molecular biodegradation.
Valorization of natural vegetal compounds in Tunisia
Vocatins of brocleaved stands of substitution for the original beech stands and suitable forestry treatments.
Waste Management Law.
Wastewater treatment using reconstructed wetland.
Water dynamic through the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum in the broader context of pedunculate oak decline (Quercus robur L.)
Wolbachia infection in a temperate aphid-predator-parasitoid community.
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