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Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology and Evolutionary Biology isParentOf
Laboratory of Entomology isParentOf
Laboratory of Animal Diversity and Systematics isParentOf


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Ollevier, Frans leader


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Local and regional processes and their influence on the structure of populations and communities in shallow ponds. unknown
Predation and dispersal: the impact of local and regional processes on the structure of macro-invertebrate communities in shallow ponds. unknown
Colony organisation and reproduction in ants. unknown
The evolution of ecological specialization across the freshwater habitat gradient: a multidisciplinary approach. unknown
Biodiversity and human impact in shallow lakes unknown
Genetic structure and diversity in natural Daphnia magna populations, a study across Europe. unknown
Aromatase inhibitors and reproductive endocrine disruption in fish. unknown
Development of a documented database concerning non-indigenous fish species in Flanders (Belgium) with additional research upon the topmouth gudgeon. unknown
Biodiversity indicators and nature value in shallow lentic habitats in Flanders. unknown
Metapopulations of marine fishes: a case study of the sand goby Pomatoschistus minutus on the Belgian Continental Shelf. unknown
The potential of dental studies in determining characteristics of the pastoral system at Sagalassos (SW Turkey, 1st Century BC - 6th Century AD). unknown
Honesty of pheromonal signals in reproductive conflicts in ants. unknown
Regulation of reproductive division of labour in ants. unknown
Functional role and characterisitcs of micro-organisms in the larvae culture of aquatic organisms: Artemia as preferred test organism. unknown
Integrated studies of the economy of insect societies. unknown
Sexual selection and reproductive conflicts in ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). unknown
Modeling migrations of marine juvenile fish between coastal zones and estuaries. unknown
Host-parasite interactions between Gasterosteus aculeatus (Teleostei) and Gyrodactylus spp. (Monogenea, Platyhelmintes) from a micro-evolutionary view. unknown
Sustainable European farm animal breeding and reproduction. unknown
Molecular-genetical analyses of a zooplankton resting egg bank in an African lake: patterns of extinction and recolonisation of coexisting Daphnia species. unknown
Spatial and temporal genetic structure of European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) using microsatellite DNA and allozymatic markers. unknown
A mechanistic and quantitative genetic study of the state dependent expression of predator-induced defences of damselfly larvae. unknown
Functional morphological approach of queen-worker dimorphism in social Hymenoptera. unknown
Conservation genetics : the maintenance of genetic variation and evolutionary potential in a fragmented landscape. unknown
European biodiversity forum - implementing the ecosystem approach (BIOFORUM). unknown
Stress, pollulants and phototactic behaviour in the waterflea Daphnia: an ecological research aiming at the improvement of a continuous biomonitor. unknown
Polluants of eel. Actual distribution of the swimbladder parasite Anguillicola in Flanders. unknown
EELREP: Estimation of the reproduction capacity of European eel. unknown
BASSMAP: Tools for the genetic improvement of sea bass. Construction and preliminary application of a medium density linkage and synteny map. unknown
Taxonomy and Phylogeny of the Asian catfish family Pangasiidae. unknown
Study of faunal remains from archaeological sites in the West African Sahel (4000 BP untill present). unknown
Management of Lake Kraenepoel (Aalter, Belgium): development of zooplankton and fish community following restoration measures. unknown
Metapopulation structure and dynamics of estuarine fish populations. unknown
Ecological biogeography of freshwater rockpool communities. unknown
The threespine stickleback as a model for postglacial speciation, adaptation and developmental stability. unknown
Colonization, priority effects and genetic differentiation among natural populations: an experimental validation of the Monopolisation hypothesis. unknown
The impact of estuaries upon the goby Pomatoschistus minitus. unknown
The influence of local versus regional factors during the colonization of new pools by zooplankton. unknown
Mouthpart deformities in Chironomus riparius: a bioindication of sediment toxicity. unknown
Landscape structure and genetic variation in natural zooplankton populations: cladocerans in a set of interconnected ponds. unknown
Reconstruction of the temporal micro-evolutionary dynamics of host-parasite interactions in Daphnia populations. unknown
Genetic research on pike populations in the Flemish region. unknown
Population substructuring of the Utaka (Teleostei, Cichlidae) van Lake Malawi (East Africa): do genetic and eco-morphologic differentiation go side by side? unknown
Sustainable approaches to integrated management of aquatic resources in Southern Africa unknown
Population genetics of the migratory catfishes of the genus Pangasius in the Mekong river. unknown
Environmental management in the rapidly developing coastal area of Camau (South Vietnam). unknown
The effects of dietary inulin and oligosacharides as probiotics for turbot, 'Scophthalmus maximus'. unknown
Training of fishery biologists. unknown
An interdisciplinary study of the evolution of antipredator mechanisms: aquatic invertebrates as a model. unknown
Functional and morphological research of the exocrine glands of Monomorium pharaonis L. unknown
Reproductive fitness and population consequences of endocrine disruption in fish. unknown
Evolutionary ecological study of an adaptive radiation. unknown
The genetic architecture of predator induced defences. unknown
Reconstruction of the micro-evolution of a keystone species in relation to habitat degradation and restoration in a shallow lake. unknown
Convergente patronen in rotsplasgemeenschappen. unknown
The quantitative importance of the Scheldt estuary for marine fish populations: an analyse for the goby species Pomatoschistus minutus using geochemical tracers. unknown
Dispersal of Dover sole in a perspective of metapopulation structure. unknown
High resolution space-time modelling of the distribution of flounder, pleuronectes flesus, on an intertidal mudflat in the Scheldt estuary. unknown
Ecological interactions between rice and fish in concurrent rice-fish systems. unknown
Reproductive conflicts in ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). unknown
Rwanda-project ZEIN2003PR282. unknown
Composition of faunal list of dragonflies, waterbugs and fishes of the military field in Tielen. unknown
Palaeoecology and taxonomy of Ostracoda (Crustacea) from Eocene deposits in Belgium. unknown
Hypoplasia in pigs from archaeological sites as an indicator of palaeoeconomy and palaeoecology. unknown
An experimental analysis of micro-evolution in zooplankton in relation to climate changes and eutrophication. unknown
Interactions between rice and fish culture in concurrent rice-fish systems. unknown
Evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions: Daphnia and its parasites as a model. unknown
Evolutionary associations between Gyrodactylus and its goby host: bound forever? unknown
Ecologische conditie van hydrologische verschillende tijdelijke wetlands in de Westelijke Kaapregio. unknown
Nutritional and microbial studies in larval aquaculture. unknown
Biomanipulation of fishing waters. unknown
Ecological genetics : patterns and processes of genetic variation in natural populations. unknown
Taxonomy and distribution of recent freshwater Ostracoda from Europe. unknown
Systematics and palaeoecology of Eocene Ostracoda (Crustacea) from Lutetian and Ledian Deposits in Belgium. unknown
Reproductive conflicts in social insects - the microorganism Wolbachia as a previously unrecognised party. unknown
Limnological studies in the Cochabamba Departmant Bolivia. unknown
The evolution of host-parasite interactions in natural populations: Daphnia and its microparasites as a model. unknown
Micro- and macro-evolution of the marine gill parasite Gyrodac- tylus (Monogenea, Platyhelminthes). unknown
Phylogeography of an holarctic gadoid, the burbot, Lota lota L., based on genetic markers. unknown
Optimal mating strategies and pathogens in leafcutter ants (Myrmicinae: Attini): a test of the parasite-load hypothesis. unknown
Development of a conceptual model integrating hydrological and paleolimnological models and historical land use data, and its application as a tool for lake water management unknown
Reproductive endocrine disruption in fish as a monitor of environmental pollution. unknown
Taxonomy, ecology and zoogeography of marine ostracods (Crustacea) of a coral island in Papua New Guinea. unknown
Monitoring the fish fauna of the Zeeschelde-estuary member
Evaluation of the toxic mode of action of endocrine disruptors for the zebrafish, Danio rerio</em> unknown
Aquaculture of marine species in Chile: biotechnological improvements for reliable and cost-effective production member
Biodiversity in temporary aquatic habitats: species richness and genetic diversity in branchiopods co-leader

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