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Terrestrial Ecology
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35



forest, fragmented woodland, agricultural landscape, cloud forest, grassland, rangeland, dunes, rainforest, arable habitat, river systems, riparian habitat, riparian ecotone, river bank House Sparrow, Passer domesticus, Pararge aegeria, Speckled Wood, Salamis parhassus, Forest Mother-of-Pearl, Neptis aurivillii, rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, arthropoda, insecta, araneae, carabidae, arthropods, Olive Thrush, Taita Thrush, Stripe-cheeked Greenbul, Placid Greenbul, White-starred Robin ecology, ecologie, evolution, dispersal, conservation, population structure, ecological genetics, bio-indicator, phenotypic marker, fluctuating asymmetry, morphometrics, developmental instability, wing shape, grazing ecology, diet selection, feeding preference, food quality, interactions, herbivory, facilitation, seed dispersal, endozoochory


Name Role Start End
Mertens, Johan (permanent) researcher
Bossuyt, Beatrijs post-doc
De Bakker, Domir PhD student
Ebrahimi, Ataollah PhD student
Erfanzadeh, Reza PhD student
Hendrickx, Frederik post-doc
Baecke, Xavier PhD student
Eraly, Debbie PhD student
Provoost, Sam PhD student
Tahmasebi Kohyani, Pejman PhD student
Wiersma, Liesbeth PhD student
Hoffmann, Maurice (permanent) researcher
Beladjal, Lynda post-doc
Bonte, Dries post-doc
Callens, Tom PhD student 2006-01-01 2009-12-01
Erbout, Nathalie PhD student
Gaublomme, Eva PhD student
Lehouck, Valérie PhD student
Somers, Nele PhD student
Spanhove, Toon PhD student
Ambalaparambil Vasu, Sudhikumar PhD student
D'hondt, Bram PhD student
Vandegehuchte, Martijn PhD student
Matheve, Hans technician 2003-10-01
Adriaensen, Frank unknown
Bosmans, Robert unknown
Cosyns, Eric unknown
De Laet, Jenny unknown
Gheysens, Tom unknown
Kuijken, Eckhart unknown
Maelfait, Jean-Pierre unknown
Nuyens, Chris unknown
Pollet, Marc unknown
Lambeets, Kevin PhD student
Pellegroms, Boris PhD student
Vanacker, Danny PhD student
Vanderhaeghe, Floris PhD student
Vangestel, Carl PhD student
Van Poucke, Els PhD student
Dekoninck, Wouter (scientific) collaborator 2001-01-01
Lens, Luc leader
Shirley, Gurdebeke unknown


Name Role Start End
Research on the contemporary function and the evolutionary role of the complex structures on the cephalothorax of spiders of the genus Diplocephalus and closely related genera (Erigoninae, Linyphiidae, Araneae) member
Ecology and genetics of different dispersal strategies of a forest bird in a fragmented Afrotropical cloud forest leader
Diet composition and preferences of the wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.) and its importance for facilitation by large herbivores leader
The ecological niche of rare softwater shore plants in Western Europe member
Genetic and ecological effects of forest fragmentation on populations of the spieder Coelotes terrestris (Agelenidae, Araneae. leader
Transfer of heavy metals in terrestrial ecosystems: speciation, bio-accumulation and effects on population level leader
Demography of two avian frugivores in a recently fragmented rainforest in south-east Kenya leader
Feeding facilitation as a possible mechanism for coexistence between herbivores: the case-study of rabbits and large grazers leader
Avian dispersal and settlement strategies in a fragmented Afrotropical cloud forest leader
May tolerance to toxicity explain adaptive radiation in the genus Ceratitis (Diptera, Tephritidae)? leader
Does habitat fragmentation affect the evolution of prey-capture, dispersal and aposematism in an Afrotropical webspider leader
The role of pheromone-related molecules in chemical communication by insects leader
Survival of dried Eukaryotes (Anhydrobiotes) after exposure to very high temperatures leader
Understanding shifts in arthropod biodiversity in ecosystems under natural and anthropogenic disturbance leader
The impact of habitat fragmentation on plant community assembly and the fitness of plant populations leader
The evolution of dispersal characteristics in stress imposing environments leader
Disturbance resistance of plant communities and populations in a dune grassland leader
Dynamics of spider and carabid beetle assemblages along a lowland gravel river: effects of flooding disturbance and spatial fragmentation leader
Effects of dune stabilization on life history, dispersal capacity and community structure of arthropods associated with Ammophila arenaria leader
Mobility, inbreeding and fitness in spatially-structured populations of the House sparrow: an integrated study with phenotypic and genotypic markers leader
Relationships between developmental instability, environmental stress and inbreeding in two related butterfly species: an experimental study leader
Molecular systematics and biogeography of tiger spiders (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Poecilotheria) in Southern Western Ghats of India leader
Patterns and processes of frugivory in a fragmented afromontane cloud forest (Taita Hills, SE Kenya) leader
Adaptive plasticity of aeronautic dispersal in plants and arthropods leader
Arthropods as bio-indicators for habitat deterioration leader
The importance of the soil seed bank for the restoration of plant communities leader
Evolutionary adaptations of dry-seeded plant species to endozoochorous dispersal leader
Heavy metal pollution as a potential originator of reproductive isolation in wolf spiders leader
Spider silk for soft tissue engineering leader
Extraordinary sex ratios in animals leader
Pollination limitation in fragmented habitats leader
How does environmental stress trigger the evolution of local adaptation in stress resistance by life history alterations? leader
Characterization of habitat types for the biotopes scrub, roughage, pioneer vegeation, mantle and borderline vegetation member
Monitoring of large-scale Nature Development in the Integral Coastal Nature Reserve the Ijzermonding. member
Evaluation of grazing management in Flemish coastal dunes. member
Development of a 'mixed Evolutionary Stable Strategy'-model for the male dimorphism in Oedothorax gibbosus (Blackwall, 1841) (Erigoninae, Linyphiidae, Araneae) member
Coordination of the realisation of a ground water measuring network in the Flemish Natuyre Reserves suitable for developing a signal map of desiccation. member
Characterization of habitat types in Flanders for the biotopes coastal dunes, heathland, marshes, grasslands, mudflats and tidal marshes member
Herbarium Gent member
Ecology of ground beetles (Coleoptera) in forests in Flanders (Belgium) member
Updating the database of the Belgian Arachnofauna member 2006-08-01 2007-12-01
Research of ecological and genetic effects of urbanization on invertebrates: runbeetles in the forests of Brabant unknown 2002-01-01 2005-12-31
Adaptive radiation via tolerance for toxicity: the genus Ceratitis (Diptera, Tephritidae) as ecological model system unknown 2004-12-01 2008-11-30
Population dynamics and diversity of wolf spiders along a lowland gravel river: flood disturbance and spatial fragmentation. unknown 2004-10-01 2008-09-30
Demographic study of two frugivore bird species in a recent fragmentated forest ecosystem in south-east Kenya. unknown 2006-01-01 2009-12-31
Research to population genetics and population-ecological effects of habitatfragmentation by Coelotes terrestris (Wider, 1834) (Agelenidae, Araneae) unknown 1998-10-01 2002-09-30
Eco-evolutionary dynamics in a human-dominated world member 2010-03-01 2014-12-01

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