Name Role Start End
Adaptive significance of intraspecific diversity: paedomorphosis and cannibalism in polyphenic amphibians unknown
Genetic diversity, clonality and reproductive system of Vaccinium myrtillus and V. uliginosum (MYRGENE) unknown
Population genetics of Sorbus aucuparia and other woody Rosacea (ROSADIV) unknown
Molecular phylogeny, phylogeography and speciation mechanisms of Salicornia (PHYLOSAL) unknown
Mosses of woods, heathlands and pastures in Flanders (BOSHEIMOS) unknown
Aggressive exotic mosses in Belgium (LOPHOSPREAD) unknown
Dispersal and rarity of mossen in Flanders [elaboration of Red Lists of Belgian mosses] (ZELDZMOS) unknown
Geocalycaceae in “Mosses and Liverworts of Uganda” (GEOCALAFR) unknown
Capita selecta African flora (WAFLO) unknown
Contribution to the study of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Belgium and neighbouring areas (LICBEL) unknown
Bryophytes of La Réunion (MOSREUN) unknown
Mosses in macroremains from archeological sites (BRYOARCHEO) unknown
Morphological and molecular studies on the order Arthoniales, in particular on the genus Opegrapha (ARTHON) unknown
Subfossile mosses in the subantarctic island South Georgia (BRYOANTARC) unknown
Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region (LICSON) unknown
Biodiversity of Antarctica unknown
Lichenized fungi of tropics (LICTRO) unknown
Reconstruction of the evolutionary history of fungi (LICMOL) unknown
Systematics, ecology and floristics of macromycetes of Europe (FUNGEURO) unknown
Mycocoenological study of different types of forests in the South of Belgium (MYCOSOC) unknown
Chorology of macromycetes of Belgium and the Grand Duchey of Luxembourg (FUNGMAP) unknown
Qualitative and quantitative ethnomycology in Africa (and extralimital areas) (KEKE) unknown
Systematical en ecological studies of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes) from Belgium (LABOUL) unknown
Moss-inhabiting-diatom-based biogeography of the (sub-)Antarctic Region (ANTARCDIAT) unknown
Non-marine diatom atlas of the Senegal River in the framework of water quality monitoring (AFRDIAT) unknown
Systematics and morphology of the diatoms in Swedish rivers (SWEDIDIAT) unknown
Diatom Biogeography & Morphology: Capita Selecta (DIVDIAT) unknown
Contribution of fossil diatoms to paleoenvironnemental data of the Cenozoïc unknown
GIS - LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY - Cat_SCI "Bridging the gap between ecological theory and species distribution modelling for conservation practice" Classe_BO UCL unknown
Biology and genetic population analysis of a european invasive forest species: Prunus serotina Ehrh. unknown
Countryside management. unknown
Behavioural ecology of amphibians: diversity of courtship and feeding tactics unknown
Reproductive and ecological strategies of hoverflies (Diptera, Insecta) with predatory larvae unknown
Wild coffee species (Coffea; Rubiaceae) in central and West Africa unknown
Herbarium collections management of the vascular plants at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium unknown
Characterization of the ‘species’ effect on Water Use Efficiency of a mixed stand of beech/douglas-fir/spruce in the Belgian Ardennes unknown

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