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New evolutionary morphology and molecular phylogeny of the Cyperoideae (Cyperaceae).
Phylogeny, deep morphology, and biogeography of the genus spermacoce L. (Rubiaceae).
Ontwikkelen van een moleculaire gegevensbank voor de forensische identificatie van Afrikaanse kleine zoogdieren.
Morphological and morphometric analyses of the structural evolution in agnuilliform African catfishes (Clariidae)
Subfossil Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera) as quantitative indicators for salinity and oxygen in African lakes, with applications in paleoecology and paleoclimatology.
BeBIF: Belgian Biodiversity Information Facility
African Biodiversity Information Centre (ABIC)
Systematics of African and South-east Asian Snakes
Biology of African Diplopoda (Insecta)
Systematic revision of the electric catfish family Malapteruridae from Africa
Compilation of a database of the fish collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Multidisciplinary research on African catfish (Clariidae)
Microbial assemblages: comparative study of recent (oncolithes) and fossil (bacterial cover and bioherms) assemblages and their (paleo)ecological significance
Taxonomy and identification of Bacillus (Eubacteria) and relatives
Population genetics of Teleostei (Pisces)
Taxonomy and biogeography of diatoms
Integration of macromolecular (nucleic acids) and morphological (especially floral ontogenetical) data in systematics of vascular plants
A floral ontogenetic study of the Cornidae and related taxa: towards an improved characterisation of floral characters
Valorisation of medicinal plants in Africa
Taxonomical revision of certain spider families
Identification of Poaceae
Providing information services to partner countries under the Convention on Biological Diversity
Phylogeny and evolution of the genus Peperomia (Piperaceae)
Biodiversity and evolution of the giant genus Cyperus (Cyperaceae): Taxonomy and evolution of the Cyperus species (Cyperaceae) with C3 photosynthesis type
Biodiversity and evolution of the giant genus Cyperus (Cyperaceae): The C4 clade with laterally compressed pistil: Pycreus, <i>Kyllinga</i> &amp; <i>Queenslandiella</i>
Systematic revision and phylogeny of the African genus Nemum (Cyperaceae)
Geographical modelling of the distribution of bubonic plague in Africa: an ecological study on different scale levels
Diversity and biogeography of lichenized and non-lichenized fungi in four African Hotspots
Patterns and drivers of the diversity of the African rain forests
Providing access to biodiversity data on African Rodentia
Capita selecta African flora (WAFLO)
Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa (FFTA)
Qualitative and quantitative ethnomycology in Africa (and extralimital areas) (KEKE)
African Surirellaceae types and typical specimens (AFRSURI)
Specimen database of dacine fruit flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) from Africa
GEPAC: Contribution à l&#39;amélioration des processus de gouvernance environnementale et de Gestion Participative en Afrique Centrale


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