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Name Role Start End
BBLOOMS 2: Cyanobacterial blooms: toxicity, diversity, modelling and management co-promotor 2006-12-01 2009-01-01
AMBIO: Antarctic Microbial Biodiversity: The importance of geographical and ecological factors member 2006-12-01 2009-01-01
CLIMLAKE: Climate variability as recorded in Lake Tanganyika co-promotor 2000-12-01 2005-02-01
B-BLOOMS: Algal blooms: Emerging problems for health and sustainable use of surface waters co-promotor 2003-01-01 2006-04-01
LAQUAN: Late Quaternary climate history of coastal Antarctic environments: a multi-proxy approach co-promotor 2000-12-01 2005-02-01
SISCO: Silica retention in the Scheldt continuum and its impact on coastal eutrophication co-promotor 2002-02-01 2006-04-01
Biotic interactions in turbid estuarine systems co-promotor
Development of a conceptual model integrating hydrological and paleolimnological models and historical land use data, and its application as a tool for lake water management co-promotor
MANSCAPE: Integrated management tools for water bodies in agricultural landscapes member 2003-01-01 2006-04-01
Impacts of volcanic activity, climate and land cover changes on the ecology and watersed hydrology of andean lakes in southern central Chile promotor
Herbarium Gent member
The ecological niche of rare softwater shore plants in Western Europe promotor 2002-10-01 2004-09-01
Coordination of the realisation of a ground water measuring network in the Flemish Natuyre Reserves suitable for developing a signal map of desiccation. promotor 2001-04-01 2002-10-01
Characterization of habitat types in Flanders for the biotopes coastal dunes, heathland, marshes, grasslands, mudflats and tidal marshes promotor 1999-11-01 2002-02-01
Indicators of biodiversity and nature value in shallow stagnant waters in Flanders. promotor
Zeeschelde: evaluating the effects of the Sigmaplan, dredging activities and harbour expansion on the environment. promotor
Diatoms as indicators for Late-quaternary environmental history of Antarctica. promotor
Climate variability, productivity and food web structure in Lake Tanganyika. promotor
Cryptic diversity in photo-autotrophic Protista : variation in phenetic and genetic patterns in selected species complexes and their taxonomic, biogeographic and ecological significance. promotor
Use of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) by bacteria. promotor
A study of the carbon flux through the microbial food web in aquatic systems: experiments and modelling. promotor
The structure of phytoplankton communities and populations in shallow lakes: impact of local and regional factors. promotor
Biodiversity of marine benthic communities along ecological gradients. co-promotor
PONDSCAPE: Towards a sustainable management of pond diversity at the landscape level promotor 2006-12-01 2009-01-01
MICROMAT: Biodiversity of microbial mats in Antarctica promotor 1998-11-01 2001-02-01
Diatomeeën as indicators for the late-quarterly environmental history of Antarctica : construction of a regional calibration-dataset and reconstruction of environmental changes on the basis of lake sediments promotor 2000-10-01 2004-09-30
Climate fluctations, productivity and nourishment web structure in the Tanganyika lake promotor 2001-10-01 2005-09-30
Reproductive, genetic and phenotypical variation patterns in relationship with toxicity by Pseudo-nitzschia pungens promotor 2003-12-01 2008-08-12
Identification and characterization of the genes modulated during the sexual reproduction of diatomers promotor 2004-01-01 2007-12-31
Genome expression during the morphogenesis of Micrasterias Ralfs (Chlorophyta) promotor 2005-01-01 2008-12-31
Moss-inhabiting-diatom-based biogeography of the (sub-)Antarctic Region (ANTARCDIAT) member 2006-01-01
HOLANT: Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica member 2005-12-01 2009-12-01
BIOPOOL - EuroDIVERSITY - Connectivity, dispersal and priority effects as drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem function in pond and pool communities co-promotor 2006-06-01 2008-06-01
BBSea - Biogeography and Biodiversity of the Sea - Integration of ecological and evolutional patterns and processes member 2005-01-01 2011-10-01
Multidisciplinaire studie van de biologie van Afrikaanse katvissen promotor
A systematic-ecological study of the intertidal microphytobenthos of the Westerschelde (Nederland) promotor
Integration of the 'OMES' projects unknown
Pigment analysis on suspended particulate matter unknown
(BELDIVA) Belgian Microbial Diversity Project in Antarctica member 2009-01-01 2011-01-01
Eco-evolutionary dynamics in a human-dominated world member 2010-03-01 2014-12-01
EAGLES - East African Great Lake Ecosystem Sensitivity to changes member


Name Role Start End
Protistology & Aquatic Ecology leader

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