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Unité de gestion des ressources forestières et des milieux naturels
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Silviculture and environment management Forest planning and geomatics Enhancement of forest resources value Forestry of tropical and subtropical regions Forestry, wood, forest resources, ecology, sustainable forest management, Natura 2000, GIS, climate change, natural environments


Name Role Start End
Laboratoire de foresterie des régions tropicales et subtropicales isParentOf


Name Role Start End
Lejeune, Philippe leader
Rondeux, Jacques unknown
Paquet, Jean-Yves (scientific) collaborator 2001-09-01 2006-04-01
Antoine, Jérôme unknown
Bah, Boubacar unknown
Baltus, Christel unknown
Claessens, Hugues unknown
Collin, Jean-François unknown
Colson, Vincent unknown
Debruxelles, Natacha unknown
Delahaye, Laurence unknown
Gheysen, Thibaut unknown
Hébert, Jacques unknown
Hénin, Jean-Marc unknown
Leclercq, André unknown
Mouchet, Frédéric unknown
Neyrinck, Nicolas unknown
Orban De Xivry, Etienne unknown
Orfinger, Cordelia unknown
Puissant, Thomas unknown
Sanchez Tovar, Christine unknown
Veron, Philippe unknown
Doucet, Jean-Louis unknown
Brevers, Florence unknown
Coquelet, Lionel unknown
Daïnou, Kasso unknown
Pollet, Caroline unknown
Schaar, Céline unknown
Delvingt, Willy unknown 2001-01-01
Barbier, Yvan unknown 2004-10-01 2009-06-01


Name Role Start End
Development of decision-making processes as part of a participating approach for sustainable forest management unknown
Scientifical support to the implementation of the Natura 2000 network in Walloonia. unknown
Analysis of withering of riverbanks and forest trees. Brutal mortality of beech in the forest and of alder along the river in the walloon region (southern part of Belgium). Monitoring and disase management. unknown
Scientific support for the permanent Walloon forest inventory. unknown
Support for the basic material selection dedicated to the forest species reproduction in the Walloon Region unknown
Study and elaboration of forestry techniques aiming to increase biodiversity unknown
Development of environmental information systems unknown
Diversity, ecology and impact of bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) and their natural enemies in Belgian deciduous forests unknown
Developpement of decision-making processes as part of a participating approach for sustainable forest management unknown
Diversification of forest production: potentialities of the birch species Betula pubescens Ehrh., Betula pendula Roth (Betulaceae) and the black locust, Robinia pseudoacacia L. (Fabaceae) unknown
Game damage inventory in Wallonian forests (Belgium) unknown
Forestry guidelines for uneven-aged beech stands (Fagaceae, Angiospermae) in the perspective of natural regeneration unknown
Towards a better culture and management of larch stand (Pinaceae, Gymnospermae) in Wallonia (Belgium) unknown
Development of a methodology for countryside survey for the biodiversity survey in Wallonia (Belgium) unknown
Multicriteria evaluation and comparison of integrated forest management alternatives unknown
Public forest planning in Southern Belgium unknown
Black alder (Alnus glutinosa, Betulaceae) autecology and adapted forestry for integrated humid forest management unknown
Forestry guidelines for precious broadleaves (ash, mapple, cherry, indigeneous oaks) unknown
Herbarium of vascular plants of the Unit Management and Economics of Forests of Gembloux Agricultural University unknown
XYLOBIOS: Diversity, ecology and roles of saproxylic organisms in Belgian deciduous forests co-leader 2000-12-01 2005-02-01
Managing forests for biodiversity, especially for birds member
Biological evaluation and restoration of forest margins member
Ecology and natural regeneration of ligneous species (Angiospermae) in african tropical moist forest member
Experimental research on technicals management for mangroves forest member 1998-12-01 2001-01-01
Enhancement of forest ressources value member
Assessment of forest non-trade goods and services: the case of the leisure functions of the forests of Wallonia member
Development of a decision-making tool for windfalls management in Walloon Region member
Analysis of intrinsic characteristics of Locust tree wood (Robinia pseudolocust L.) member
Evaluation of the environmental measures impact on surfaces and production potentialities of the Walloon forestry member
Project of land-use spatial remote detection in Wallonia member
Development of inventory methods applied to the integrated forest management member
Development and implementation of a tool for rural region cartographic follow-up (OSCER) in the Walloon Region member
National Forest Inventory in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. member
Scientific assistance for the Permanent Inventory of Forest resources of Wallonia (IPRFW) and the Permanent member
Climatic changes and forests of tomorrow: knowledge updating of the adequacy « species-station » member
Program of material genetic selection for the reproduction of locust tree (Robinia pseudolocust L.) and douglas (Pseudotsugamenziesii (Mirb) Franco) member
Monitoring of rivers waterside bands and phytosanitary state of alder and others ligneous species of banks Development of silvicultural scenarios for the production of quality wood (silvicultural standards, relation forestry – wood quality) member
Evaluating the financing of Forests in Europe (EFFE). member 2000-12-01 2004-11-01

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