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Laboratoire de foresterie des régions tropicales et subtropicales
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Origin and dynamic character of close-canopy wet tropical forests Ecology and genetics of tree species producing lumber Ethnic-ecology of non-wood forestry products of social and economic relevance for the local communities Traditional land-use management at village level fauna, flora, agri-forestry systems Forestry, ecology, forestry genetics, tropical forests, biodiversity, fauna, sustainable management, commercial trees, ethnic-ecology, land use planning


Name Role Start End
Doucet, Jean-Louis leader
Kouadio Yao, Lambert unknown
Monticelli, David unknown
Pirard, Hervé unknown
Daïnou, Kasso unknown
Peeters, J. unknown
Vermeulen, Cédric unknown


Name Role Start End
Dynamique des peuplements d'arbres et d'herbacées des forêts denses d'Afrique centrale en relation avec les anciennes perturbations anthropiques et climatiques. member 2010-01-01 2013-12-01
Dynamic character of tree and herbaceous populations in close-canopy Central African forests in relation to earlier man-induced and climate disturbances member
Assessment of western lowland gorilla contribution to forest regeneration by seed dispersal in forest gaps: a case study from an active logging concession in South-East Cameroon member
TROPDIV: Integrated analysis of determinist and stochastic factors responsible for the inter-species and intra- species biodiversity of tropical forests member
MAKALA: Sustainable management of the source of dendro-energy in DRC member
COFORCHANGE: How, why and where will tree species survive increasing pressure: providing diagnosis and decision-making tools to attenuate the effect of global change on biodiversity in the Congo Basin forests member
Genetic structure, gene flow and scale of local adaptation in tropical trees from Central Africa . What is the relative importance of selection and gene dispersal on genetic diversity organization? member 2007-01-01 2010-12-01
Ecology and management of forest tree populations harvested by forestry companies operating in Central Africa (Gabon, Cameroon, Congo) : 5 contracts with 5 companies managing 3 million ha member

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