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Ecology and Systematics
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Name Role Start End
Daro, Nanette leader
Mannaert, Ann unknown
Bossuyt, Franky unknown
Beernaerts, Nathalie unknown
Roelants, Kim unknown
Biju, S.d. unknown
Guillaume, Karen unknown
Geyssens, Johanna unknown


Name Role Start End
Biodiversity of marine algae and echinoderms in the transition zone between temperate and tropical South Africa unknown
Checklist of littoral Asteroidea (Echinodermata) of the Mombasa area, Kenya unknown
Faunistics of the Echinodermata of the western Indian Ocean unknown
Systematics and molecular phylogeny of Amphibia unknown
Phytoplankton ecology in the North Sea unknown
Effects of groundwater on tropical coastal ecosystems unknown
Marine and estuarine plankton unknown
Checklist of littoral regular Echinoids (Echinodermata) of Kenya unknown
Ecology of commercially exploitable seacucumbers of Kenya unknown
Marine and estuarine plankton, especially in the Western Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific unknown
Biotic interactions in turbid estuarine systems member
CCCC: Role of oceanic production and dissolution of calcium carbonate in climate change member 2000-12-01 2005-02-01
AMORE II - Advanced modelling and research on eutrophication linking eutrophication and biological resources member 2002-02-01 2006-04-01
Evolution of faunic distribution patterns in India and South-East Asia during the Cenozoicum: a phylogenetic approach unknown 2006-01-01 2009-12-31
Biological availability of heavy metals in sediments and benthos of the Scheldt estuary unknown
Assessment of mangrove degradation and resilience in the Indian Sub-continent: the cases of Godavari Estuary and South West Sri Lank unknown
Advanced modelling and research on eutrophication unknown
Systematics, ecology and biogeography of marine organisms in the Indian Ocean. I unknown
Systematics, ecology and biogeography of marine organisms in the Indian Ocean. II unknown
Benthos, nekton and plankton of the North Sea and the Delta area. II unknown
Benthos, nekton and plankton of the North Sea and the Delta area. I unknown
Causal factors of biodiversity : community structure, phylogeny and biogeography. A comparative study of the fauna of tropical and subtropical estuaries and lagoons unknown
Fundamental and ecological aspects of the mangrove-ecosystem and its evolution under increasing anthropogenic pressure unknown
De invloed van grondwateruitstroming langsheen de Oost-Afrikaanse kustzone op het voedings- en kolonisatiegedrag van de mangroveoester Saccostrea cucullata (von Born, 1778) unknown
Exploitation on mangrove forest wood reforestation and oyster culture research project unknown
Cursus in Kustecologie, -beheer en -bescherming unknown
Fundamental and Applied Marine Ecology unknown
Ecological Marine Management unknown
Molecular systematics and phylogeny of holothurians unknown
Anthropogenically Induced Changes in Groundwater Outflow and Quality and the Functioning of Eastern African Nearshore Ecosystems unknown
Interaction of water column and the tide land in the Sea-Scheldt unknown
Trophical relations in tidal-bounded systems unknown
Marine ecosystems functioning unknown
Management mangroves of Kenya: synthesis ecological data unknown
Bioconcentration of organic micropollutants in marine ecosystems unknown
Study of the fate and impact of organic and inorganic polluants in the Costa Rican coastal zone unknown
Nutrition of zooplankton on particular material : selection and digestion unknown
Pigment analysis on suspended particulate matter unknown
Lipofilicity and normalization of organic micro- pollutants in organic systems unknown
Cooperation in the investigations over long-term exploitation of natural resources in mangrove forests unknown
Major biological processes in European tidal estuaries unknown
Biogeochemistry of the maximum turbidity zone in estuaries unknown
Advanced modelling and research on eutrophication: linking eutrophication and biological resources unknown
Research on the environmental effects of the SIGMA plan unknown
Characterisation of organic matter and plankton of the Sea Scheldt unknown
Belgian Network for Coastal Reseach member
Cluster Eutrophication member

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