Classification Term:M4.2

Antarctica (marine)


Meiobenthic biodiversity and fluxes within the Antarctic biogeochemical environment.
Development of a database on Admiralty Bay benthos biodiversity (Antarctica)
Compilation of a database on Antarctic Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Database of marine Nematodes of Antarctica
Ecofunctional biodiversity of benthic crustacean taxocoenoses in the Southern Ocean
The role of the Amphipod Crustaceans in the trophodynamics of benthic communities in the Southern Ocean
Community structure, habitat use, distribution and trophic role of benthic Amphipods (Crustacea) in the Southern Ocean
Development of a Biodiversity Reference Centre for Antarctic Amphipoda (Crustacea)
Role of the picophytoplankton in the Antarctic ecosystem
Nematode diversity in different bottom substrates in the Antarctic region: sponge spicule mats, bryozoan mats, sandy and muddy sediments, iceberg scours
Molecular adaptation to low temperatures in two species of unicellular Algae (Chlorophyta, Chloromonas)
Taxonomy and zoogeography of Holothurians (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea)
BIANZO: Biodiversity of 3 representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos
HOLANT: Holocene climate variability and ecosystem change in coastal East and Maritime Antarctica
BIANZO II: Biodiversity of three representative groups of the Antarctic Zoobenthos - Coping with Change
BELCANTO II: Assessing the sensitivity of the Southern Ocean’s biological carbon pump to climate change
BELCANTO III: Integrated Study of Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry and Climate Interactions in the Anthropocene
European Network of Excellence for Ocean Ecosystems Analysis (EUR-OCEANS)


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