Henry De Frahan, Bruno


Professor {Researchers academic Title}


Name Role Start End
'Agricultural Sector in the Member States and EU : econometric modelling for projections and analysis of EU policies on agriculture, forestry and the environment-AGMEMOD' promotor
Agricultural risk management and an insurance program for the coffee sector in Haiti. promotor
Common Agricultural Policy Strategy for Regions, Agriculture and Trade promotor
Decision support system for agricultural and environmental economics promotor
Efficiency of the supply of gardening products in West-African cities : case study of Cotonou promotor
Non tariff barriers effect on agricultural and food products international trade in Sub-Saharan Africa promotor
Supply Chains of Specific Quality in Wallonia promotor
Sustainable introduction of GMO’s into European Agriculture: Assessment of expected market prices and traded quantities of GM products promotor
European 's agricultural products demand imports modeling promotor
Risk Management: Perspective for Agriculture in Wallonia promotor
Food request : evolutions and prospects promotor
Resource allocation and Revenue distribution Shifts under Agricultural Markets Liberalization in Benin promotor
Rural migrations and food security in Sud-Kivu, Congo DR promotor
Study of the supply chain of organic milk in Wallonia promotor
Agronomical, economic and sociological norms and indicators for sustainable farming systems member 1997-03-01 2008-02-01


Name Role Start End
Unité d'économie rurale leader
Département de biologie appliquée et des productions agricoles leader

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