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GIS - Cat_APP "Intégration of GIS infrastructures used by the Ministry of Agriculture (IG-4) for management, dissemination and update of geographical data" - Classe_124 - RW-DGA co-promotor
Appraisal of the role of nutrients and water stress in the changes of crown conditions for Oak and Spruce stands. promotor
Biology and genetic population analysis of a european invasive forest species: Prunus serotina Ehrh. promotor
/projects/706 promotor
/projects/705 promotor
Countryside management. promotor
Dendrological herbarium of prof. G. Gilbert (1903-1979) promotor
Elaboration norms for forest operations in Walloon Region promotor
Evaluation of direct and indirect protections for forest plants against game promotor
/projects/701 promotor
Impact of silvicultural systems on biodiversity : a comparative study in Ardenne. promotor
Impact of silvicultural systems on biological communities in Walloon Region. promotor
/projects/575 promotor
Liming and manuring in Norway Spruce, Beach and Oak Stands. promotor
Management of the Wallonian plots of the European forest intensive and continuous monitoring network. promotor
Phytodiversity in relation with ecological and patrimonial values promotor
cfr web site promotor
Sustainable management at landscape level promotor
Typology and management of private and public broad-leaved forests : sylvicultural orientations - demonstration network - popularization. promotor
Use of very high resolution satellite imagery for forest mapping applications – FORECAST promotor
Vocatins of brocleaved stands of substitution for the original beech stands and suitable forestry treatments. promotor
Remote sensing and landscape stratification for monitoring biodiversity in Wallonia (Belgium) co-promotor
Studies on the patrimonial and natural values of forest's successions : the suberries promotor 2001-11-01 2008-11-01
Study of the initial dynamic of the vegetation colonization in hardwood forest gaps promotor 2001-11-01 2005-11-01
  <!--EndFragment--> member 2009-01-01 2009-10-01
Development of silvicultural orientations and programmes for broad-leaved and coniferous species in Walloon Region member 2000-07-01 2004-06-01


Name Role Start End
Laboratory of forest research and engineering leader

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