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Name Role Start End
Godefroid, Sandrine post-doc 2000-07-01 2007-12-01
Koedam, Nico leader
Triest, Ludwig unknown
Symoens, J.j. unknown
Dubois, Thierry unknown
Bosire, Jared unknown
Massant, Wim unknown
Obade, Paul T. unknown
Peretyatko, Anatoly unknown
Sivcev, Vladica S. unknown
Spithoven, Lieke unknown
Van Puyvelde, Karolien unknown
Van Rossum, Fabienne (scientific) collaborator 2006-04-01
Nele, Schmitz unknown
Anja, Van Geert unknown
Dahdouh-Guebas, Farid co-leader 1994-07-01
Stiers, Iris PhD student 2007-01-01
Njambuya, Josphine PhD student 2006-01-01
Gérard, Joëlle unknown
Di Nitto, Diana unknown
Fénart, Stéphane unknown
Merken, Ronny unknown
Robert, Elisabeth unknown
Van Tendeloo, Anneleen unknown
Verheyden, Anouk unknown


Name Role Start End
Relict populations along small landscape elements in Flanders (Belgium): from habitat characteristics analysis to dynamic modelling unknown
The evolution of the acoustic signals in Ranidae (Amphibia) on the Indian subcontinent unknown
The vegetation of the Sonian Forest (Brussels, Belgium): area covering vegetation mapping unknown
Environmental impact assessments in river waters using benthic diatoms attached on artificial substrates unknown
Mangroves and groundwater: research into a possible critical environment factor unknown
Distribution and seed propagation of Zannichellia palustris (Zannichelliaceae, Monocotyledons) in the Brussels region (Belgium) unknown
Modelling of wetlands by means of different key species: Hottonia palustris (Primulaceae), Scirpus sylvaticus (Cyperaceae), Equisetum fluviatile (Equisetaceae) unknown
Vegetation dynamics of cork oak (Quercus suber, Fagaceae) forests in Morocco and genetic diversity of cork oak in Morocco and Spain unknown
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics and regeneration unknown
Wood anatomy as an ecological evaluation tool for the environmental issues of Asian monsoon region unknown
Genetic diversity in natural plant populations unknown
Genetic diversity in forest plants with contrasting life strategies in Belgium unknown
Management of urban forest semi-natural areas in the Brussels region (Belgium) unknown
Increasing ecological value of the Sonian Forest of Brussels (Belgium) through small scale management in recently established nature reserves unknown
Influence of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on phytoplankton in Lake Victoria: community structure, biomass, primary production in Nyanza Gulf (Kenia) unknown
Monitoring of flora and vegetation in managed nature reserves in the Zoniën forest (Belgium) unknown
Monitoring of orchid populations in the Philippeville region unknown
Genetic diversity in natural populations of water plants unknown
Aquatic macrophytes and freshwater algae in Africa and Belgium unknown
Genetic diversity within and among populations of the mangrove tree Bruguiera in Sri Lanka unknown
Herbarium BRVU unknown
Monitoring structural attributes of trees and surrounding vegetation to detect and forecast status and changes in mangrove forests and assemblages leader 2006-01-01 2007-12-01
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment member 2007-01-01 2009-12-01
BBLOOMS 2: Cyanobacterial blooms: toxicity, diversity, modelling and management member 2006-12-01 2009-01-01
Ecological wood anatomy of mangroves. Research of the hydraulic architecture and his dendrochronological potential unknown 2005-01-01 2008-12-31
Gene flow, self-incompatibility and temporal evolution in fragmented plant populations: Primula vulgaris as model species unknown 2005-01-01 2008-12-31
Pollen dispersal and the Green network in Brussels member 2003-03-01 2006-03-01
Growth performance of invasive alien Landoltia punctata and invasive alien Lemna minuta in monocultures and mixtures under different nutrient conditions member
GREEN DYKE : The use of natural barriers for coastal protection in Sri Lanka. member 2008-12-01 2013-12-01
Recherche préliminaire de la régénération des mangroves au Parc National du Banc d’Arguin et de ses facteurs faunistiques restrictifs. member 1998-01-01 1998-02-01
Monitoring and modeling of changes in coastline, vegetation and biodiversity in natural and restored mangrove forests on a fundamental and applied level. member 2001-10-01 2007-09-01
Recherche préliminaire de la régénération des mangroves au Parc National du Banc d’Arguin et de ses facteurs faunistiques restrictifs. <a href="show/3489" target="_blank"> member 1998-01-01 1998-02-01
Quality and usefulness of very high resolution satellite imagery (IKONOS),  for research on vegetation dynamics in mangrove areas : integration of different types of remote sensing data. member 2003-01-01 2004-12-01
Quality mapping, data integration and modelling of remote sensing, cartographic and field data from mangrove forests using a stand-alone geographic information system. member 2004-01-01 2005-12-01
Vegetation structure and regeneration of the mangroves in the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania. member 2003-01-01 2004-12-01
Aquatic ecology for environmental management in Kenya AQUA. member 2003-01-01 2008-12-01
Dynamics in diversity, functionality and stability of mangroves, approached by a retrospective and current remote sensing approach using new pattern recognition techniques. member 2004-01-01 2007-12-01
Peri-urban mangrove forests as filters and potential phytoremediators of domestic sewage in East-Africa. member 2005-01-01 2007-12-01
Monitoring structural attributes of trees and surrounding vegetation to detect and forecast status and changes in mangrove forests and assemblages member 2006-01-01 2007-12-01
Monitoring structural attributes of trees and surrounding vegetation to detect status and predict changes in mangrove forests and assemblages. member 2006-01-01 2008-11-01
Potential of mangroves and other coastal vegetation as a buffer against ocean surges in the Indian Ocean : an approach based on image and sediment archives, using the Dec. 2004 tsunami as a natural experiment. member 2007-01-01 2008-12-01
Assessment of mangrove degradation and resilience in the Indian Sub-continent: the cases of Godavari Estuary and South West Sri Lank unknown
Monitoring en modellering van veranderingen in kust, vegetatie en biodiversiteit in natuurlijke en gerestaureerde mangrovewouden op fundamenteel en toegepast niveau unknown
Fundamental and ecological aspects of the mangrove-ecosystem and its evolution under increasing anthropogenic pressure unknown
Dynamics and regeneration profile of mangroves - horizontal vegetation structure- analysis of juvenile and adult individuals and research regeneration constraining factors unknown
Vegetative dynamics in mangrove- areas: a comparison of the current state of the art and the evolution during the past 50 years using photography from the air unknown
Mangrove fauna and flora: patterns of reproductive biology and dispersal mechanisms unknown
Vegetation structure and regeneration of the mangroves in the &#39;Parc National du Banc d&#39;Arguin&#39;, Mauritanie unknown
Quality mapping, data integration and modelling of tele-detection, cartographic and land data of mangroves using a 'stand alone' geographic information system unknown
Quality and utility for research into vegetation dynamics of very high resolution sattelite photography (IKONOS) applied to mangroves: integration of different tele-detection data types unknown
Preliminary research into the regeneration of the mangroves at 'Parc National du Banc d'Arguin' and their limiting faunistic factors unknown
Cyanobacterial blooms: toxicity, diversity, modelling and management member
Mangrove vegetation structure dynamics, regeneration, succession, anthropogenic degradation, propagule predation, remote sensing and vegetation mapping co-leader
Ecologische houtanatomie van mangroven. Onderzoek naar de hydraulische architectuur en zijn dendrochronologische potentieel unknown
Successieve cambia als basis voor een ecologisch succesvol watertransportsysteem in de mangrove Avicennia unknown
Dynamiek in diversiteit, functionaliteit en stabiliteit van mangroven, benaderd vanuit een retrospectieve en actuele teledetectie-aanpak m.b.v. nieuwe patroonherkenningstechnieken unknown
Historische ecosysteemdynamiek langs tropische kusten onderzocht op basis van recente vegetatiestructuur, en exploratief onderzoek in Europese koloniale tekst-, beeld- en kaartarchieven (15e-20e eeuw). unknown
Kolonisatie van mangroven : onderzoek naar de sturende factoren in propaguleverspreiding en -vestiging. unknown
Opvolging van structurele attributen van bomen en omringende vegetatie om statusen veranderingen in mangrovebossen en -assemblages te detecteren en te voorspellen unknown
De grenzen van grensvegetatie: wat bepaalt de latitudinale areaalgrenzen van mangrovewouden? unknown
PUMPSEA Peri-urban mangroves forests as filters and potential phyoremediators of domestic sewage in East-Africa member 2005-01-01 2008-01-01

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