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Name Role Start End
Sorgeloos, Patrick leader 1990-10-01
Dhont, Jean unknown
Van Delsen, Bart unknown
Bossier, Peter co-leader 2002-10-01
Dierckens, Kristof unknown
Van Stappen, Gilbert unknown
Asanka, Gunasekara unknown
Baelemans, Tom unknown
Van Speybroeck, Marijke unknown
Wille, Mathieu unknown
Stefania, Dooms unknown
Jana, Ryckaert unknown
De Haese, Anita unknown
De Smyter, Jorg unknown
El Magsodi, Mohamed unknown
Huyn, Than Toi unknown
Ikhsan, Natrah unknown
Mahieu, Christ unknown
Pieters, Alex unknown
Ryckaert, Jana unknown
Sri Barua, Kartik unknown
Sung, Yeong Yik unknown
Tack, Dorinda unknown
Vandewiele, Geert unknown
Vanhooren, Magda unknown
Van Moffaert, Brigitte unknown
Vanopstal, Sebastiaan unknown
Verschraeghen, Marc unknown
Le Hong, Phuoc unknown


Name Role Start End
Evaluation of the 'Paardenmarkt' marine site (Belgium, North Sea) unknown
Artemia (Anostraca, Crustacea) species and strain characterisation unknown
Restocking of turbot (Psetta maxima) in the North Sea (Belgium) unknown
Study of the biodiversity of Chinese Artemia (Crustacea) strains and their possible application in research and aquaculture unknown
Artemia cyst collection unknown
Aquaculture of marine species in Chile: biotechnological improvements for reliable and cost-effective production member
The role of heat shock proteins as immuno-stimulants against the 'enteric redmouth syndrome' (ERS), caused by Yersinia ruckeri unknown 2006-01-01 2009-12-31
Characterization of different rotifer species and documentation of the genetic diversity in commercial rotifer populations. unknown 1999-10-01 2003-09-30
Evaluation of the quality of turbot fry on the stock enhancement success in the North Sea unknown
Multidisciplinaire studie van de biologie van Afrikaanse katvissen unknown
Functionele rol en eigenschappen van micro-organismen in de larvicultuur van aquatische organismen: Artemia als preferentieel testorganisme unknown
Het belang van verschillende lipideklassen in de accumulatie en eliminatie van PCB' s in mariene organismen. I unknown
Het belang van verschillende lipideklassen in de accumulatie en eliminatie van PCB' s in mariene organismen. II unknown
Het belang van verschillende lipideklassen in de accumulatie en eliminatie van PCB' s in mariene organismen. III unknown
Onderzoek op het pekelkreeftje Artemia ter verbetering van zijn gebruik als voedselbron in de aquakultuur unknown
Study of nutritional requirements of aquaculture organisms unknown
Toepassing van moderne informatietechnologie en multimediatechnieken voor de optimalisering van de opleiding in aquacultuur in OekraÔne unknown
Optimalisatie van de opleiding Aquacultuur in Artemia-biologie en -ecologie in MongoliÎ (voorbereidend project) unknown
Local genetic differentiation in Branchiopoda (Crustacea) : the importance of restingstages unknown
Study of the biology of the brine shrimp Artemia for the optimal use in aquaculture and for the production of cheap animal proteins unknown
Upgrading the educational and research capacity of the Can Tho University in the field of marine aquaculture in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam unknown
Improvement of reproduction captured penaeid shrimp by introduction of ovary maturation by neuropeptides unknown
Master of Science course in aquaculture unknown
Research and development of culture techniques for the indigenous mudcrab Scylla serrata unknown
Optimisation of the Artemia outdoor culture in Vietnam unknown
Institutional University coˆperation: Can Tho University unknown
Further exploration, characterization and utilization of the natural brine schrimp Artemia resources in the People's Republic of China unknown
Aquacultuur Zuid-Afrika unknown
The influenxe of the diet on reproduction egg quality and larval in macrobrachium rosenbergii and penaeus vannamei. unknown
Introduction of a reference model for the study of the nitritional requirements in marine fish species unknown
Lipiden en verzuurbehoeften bij bivalven unknown
Karakterisatie van verschillende rotiferenstammen en documentatie van de genetische diversiteit in commerciÎle rotiferenpopulaties unknown
Equipment of a seawater filtration and storage room for the improvement of the water quality used for larviculture purposes unknown
Breeding improvement of Crassostrea gigas by nutritional and gametogenesis control unknown
Contribution to study essential requirements for Crassostrea gigas broodstock using artificial complementation unknown
Sustainable production of mud crab (Scylla sp.) through enhancement in mangroves unknown
Study of anti-oxidant systems in cultured marine fish in relation to growth, quality and disease resistance unknown
European network for the dissemination of aquaculture RTD information unknown
Novel products and applications based on lecithins to improve health and nutrition of aquaculture species. Study 1998 unknown
Bioconcentration of organic micropollutants in marine ecosystems unknown
Testing of protein supplementation in shrimp postlarval diets unknown
Effect of broodstock management and broodstock nutrition on quality of turbot Scophthalmus maximus production unknown
Hygiene management and disease prevention in marine fish larviculture by the adjustement and control of the microbiological environment unknown
Diagnosis and control of bacterial diseases in penaeid shrimp hatcheries - relationship between microbial flora, nutrition, production techniques and health status of penaeid shrimps unknown
Supplementation of fish protein by animal waste proteins in the diet of penaeid shrimp unknown
Characterization of the microbiological environment in hatcheries for Mediterranean marine fish: influence on larval health and development of prophylaxis unknown
Methods for evaluation of nutritional status of fish larvae unknown
Improved therapeutics and prophylaxis in marine aquaculture through the use of supplementation techniques with the live food preys Brachionus and Artemia unknown
Oral delivery of chemotherapeutics in marine larviculture of fish and shrimp phase II: optimization and applications unknown
Utilisation of copepod diets for larviculture of halibut cod and turbot, and a review of published halibut research and cultivation data unknown
Belgian Network for Coastal Reseach member
European Master of Science in Aquaculture and Fisheries member
ASEM Aquaculture Platform leader
Health improving, safe seafood of high quality in a consumer fork-to-farm concept member
CONSENSUS - Multi-stakeholder platform for sustainable aquaculture in Europe member
Establishment of aquaculture farming as a part of the national reconstruction and development programme in South-Africa. co-leader
Feasibility study for aquaculture at the Belgian seashore member
Improved shrimp culture in Ecuador member

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