Improved therapeutics and prophylaxis in marine aquaculture through the use of supplementation techniques with the live food preys Brachionus and Artemia


The University of Thessaloniki will choose appropriate methodologies for the bioencapsulation of various antibiotics and test the effectiveness against disease in experimental direct infections of fish-fry. The quantification of the bioencapsulation procedures of antibiotics in Artemia of various stages of development and the enrichment procedures will be carried out as well as the time-course determination of the levels of bioencapsulated antibiotics in the prey and the predator. The University of Ghent will develop analytical methods for the quantitative determination of chemotherapeutics by HPLC and appropriate methods for sample preparation in Artemia, Brachionus, shrimp/prawn larvae and fish larvae. Other activities will be focussed on the application of chemotherapeutic enrichment in Brachionus and Artemia and the development of methodology for bioencapsulation of experimental vaccine product in Artemia. The University of Stirling will test the efficiency of Vibrio and other vaccines delivered via Artemia to rainbow trout fry of various ages.


Artemia;Brachionus;Belgium;British Isles: Scotland;MED, Greece: Thessaloniki;Aquaculture;Fish larvae;Live feed;Vaccines


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