Oral delivery of chemotherapeutics in marine larviculture of fish and shrimp phase II: optimization and applications


The objectives are to examine further the potential of bio-encapsulation of chemotherapeutics in the live food stuffs Brachionus and Artemia for the prevention and/or treatment of disease in larval stages of selected species of cultured marine fish (seabass, seabream, turbot) and to attempt pre-industrial application of this methodology, with the same and, possibly, some additional species. Specific objectives are: - To apply and/or develop new analytical methodologies for the quantification of levels of various bio-encapsulated chemotherapeutics into Brachionus and Artemia. - To optimize the oral delivery methodology of the most suitable chemotherapeutics to the fish larvae. - To perform challenge tests with specific highly virulent pathogens and their appropriate susceptible fish larvae in order to determine the efficiency of bio- encapsulated therapeutics for the prevention and/or treatment of the induced diseases. - To perform pre-industrial, large scale trials in cooperation with hatcheries, after the standardization of a reliable and effective therapeutic treatment under laboratory conditons. - To organize workshop(s) for the dissemination of the results of the project to the staff of interested hatcheries for possible immediate application.


Artemia;Brachionus;Belgium;Aquaculture;Disease treatment;Fish larvae;Live feed


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