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Environment study for the Building of the 4th Lock in Lanaye
Biological evaluation and restoration of forest margins
Implementation of the agri-environmental measures « flowered stretch » and « stretch of arable plants »: scientific support
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment
Growing halophytes in China for agronomic and ecological purposes: a case study for flowering deserts
Population biology of the Japanese knotweeds: Alien invasive species of the genus Fallopia Adans. (Polygonaceae) in Belgium
Rearangement of the Plant Palace, a collection of 10 000 (sub)tropical plant species
PONDSCAPE: Towards a sustainable management of pond diversity at the landscape level
Pest risk analysis for invasive alien plant species (PRAVEG)
Inventorisation and valorisation of crops in Kisangani tropical forest
Adaptive heavy metal tolerance in the ectomycorrhiza fungus Suillus luteus
Morphology and molecular characterization of Lactarius sect. Deliciosi and their ectomycorrhiza
The impact of habitat fragmentation and degradation on plant populations in agrarian areas.
Cultivation conditions for the production of Aechmeas in conservatories.
Variability and cultivation potential of Passiflora spp. in the Yungas of Bolivia
Potential impact of the prospective climate change on forest plant species and their communities
Consequences of alterations in disturbance regimen on the composition and dynamics of forest plant communities in forests with a abundant food supply
Mechanisms of carbon-storage in grassland-ecosystems: influence of global warming and diversity loss
Burmanniaceae (Dioscoreales): molecular taxonomy, pollen morphology and phylogeny
Morphological and molecular-genetic characterization of savage and old plum taxa (Prunus spinosa - P. x fruticans - P. domestica subsp. insititia) in Flanders for the expansion of maintenance strategies
Identification and expression study of vernalization genes in witlof (Cichorium intybus L.)
A phylogenetic study of the African Ebenaceae
Ecological wood anatomy of mangroves. Research of the hydraulic architecture and his dendrochronological potential
Genome expression during the morphogenesis of Micrasterias Ralfs (Chlorophyta)
Gene flow, self-incompatibility and temporal evolution in fragmented plant populations: Primula vulgaris as model species
An extinction guilt by fragmentated forest plant population? An integrated genetic and ecological approach.
Molecular evolution of B-function MADS-box genes in the basal asterides
The role of plant-associated bacteria for the impovement of fyto-remediation of mixed pollutions owing to the poplar.
Taconomy and phylogeography of Lactarius subgenus Plinthogali
Role of the pentatricopeptiderepeat protein PPR-like1 as integrator of ethylene respons and other signal routes in Arabidopsis.
The use of molecular markers in the apple-upgrade: study of growth characteristics  and genotype-identification.
Importance of the mother plant in the germination behaviour of sugar beet seed (Beta vulgaris L.).
Relic populations of plant species in small landscape elements : from habitat analysis to dynamic modelling
The role of fungi in the decomposition of Reed (Phragmites australis) in the Scheldt-estuary.
Morphology and ontogeny of pollen, orbicules and tapeta in the Dioscoreales.
The El Nino Southern Oscillation-effect in East-Africa : dendrochronology and phenology of the miombo-woodland.
Non-native species of the Belgian part of the North sea and adjacent estuaries
Recruitment and performance of forest understorey plants in post-agricultural forests
Ecological study and integration in the landscape of the motorway connection A27 (Verviers-Steinebrück)
AlterIAS-Increase awareness to curb horticultural introductions of invasive plants in Belgium
PLANTCOL - Centralised electronic information system on genetic resources of living plantmaterial.  A prototype for woody plants
Central African Biodiversity Information Network


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