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PONDSCAPE: Towards a sustainable management of pond diversity at the landscape level
Phylogeny of the Typhloplanoida Bresslau 1933 (Plathelminthes)
In vivo research in the relationship between plasticity of singing cores and various aspects of singing behaviour in the starling
The comparison of male reproductive strategies by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and bonobos (Pan paniscus) : a multi disciplinary study.
Effect evaluation of polluents by the Europian hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus L.) based on non destructive biomarkers and population ecological parameters.
Research of ecological and genetic effects of urbanization on invertebrates: runbeetles in the forests of Brabant
Comparing study of the embryonic development by nematodes
Research of the influence of seksual selection and interspecific competition on the size and composition of the bleu tit song repertoire.
Survival and reproductive success by the lacertide lizard Gallotia galloti: interaction between natural and sexual selection
Evolution ecological study of an adaptive radiation
Population structure and dynamics of some bacterivore nematodes along the North sea coast and adjacent estuaria
An integrated study of the relationship between exposure and accumulation of heavy metals by the forest mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus L.).
Development of cDNA arrays by the freshwater flea Daphnia magna for toxicological characterization of chemicals
Characterization and dynamics of the metal toxicity in carps based on gene expression profiles
Development of  head structures by Ancistrus cf triradiatus (Loricariidae): a contribution to the study to the origin of algae scrapes by Loricarioidea (Pisces: Siluriformes)
The quanitative importance of the Scheldt-estuaria for marine fish populations: an analysis for the goby species Pomatoschistus minutus based on geochemistry markers
Endocrien disturbance by the zebrafish Danio rerio: relationship between toxicogenomics, gamete physiology and reproduction characteristics
Evolution of female colour polymorphism by dragonflies (Odonata, Zygoptera)
The evolution of anti predator characteristics by the waterflae Daphnia: a functional-ecological approach
Evolutionary-mechanical study of predator-induced stress by dragonflies
Adaptive radiation via tolerance for toxicity: the genus Ceratitis (Diptera, Tephritidae) as ecological model system
Population dynamics and diversity of wolf spiders along a lowland gravel river: flood disturbance and spatial fragmentation.
Stem cells  by Macrostomum lignano (Macrostomida, Platyhelminthes): embryonic origin and role during regeneration
Development of new biomarkers for the detection of endocrine disturbance by the zebra fish (Danio rerio)
Development of a alternative screening system for classification of endocrine disturbances in the environment
Characterization of the ecdysonreceptor and working mechanism of endocrine disturbances by target and non-target model invertebrates
Demographic study of two frugivore bird species in a recent fragmentated forest ecosystem in south-east Kenya.
Evolution of the controle of the jaw- and hyolingual apparatus during food transport by lizards: a experimental test of the existence of central pattern generators and the role of sensor feedback.
The importance of hydrology, salinity and colonization for the ecology of temporal wetlands in the Camargue.
The study of the genetic structure and introgression in the green frog-complex in Flanders.
Ecologic implications of micro-evolution caused by predation: an experimental approach.
Evolution of faunic distribution patterns in India and South-East Asia during the Cenozoicum: a phylogenetic approach
Experimental micro-evolution by Daphnia in relationship with temperature changes
Physiological, biochemical and genetic research of the potential life span and ageing in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Research of the usability of feathers of tits as bio-indicators for heavy metal pollution, and of the effects of this pollution on the reproduction and health condition.
Research to population genetics and population-ecological effects of habitatfragmentation by Coelotes terrestris (Wider, 1834) (Agelenidae, Araneae)
Stress and reconciliation : a etho-endocrinological approach of stress-related behaviour by bonobos (Pan paniscus) imprisonment
Diversity in the shape of the tooth in teleostei : development biology mechanisms and evolution,
Individual variation in morphology, morphometrics and achievement in locomotion by Rana esculenta
Genetic differentiation by uniparental landsnail (stylommatophora)
Exceptional kept problematical organisms from the Ordovicium of Morocco en their relatives
Development of cranial bones in the zebrafish (Danio rerio)
An integrated study of the variation in the fly capacity by the pararge aegeria L. : achievement, morphology and quantitative genetics
"Life history" response on time pressures and ecological pressures during the larval stadium of the dragonfly Lestes viridis."
Non-native species of the Belgian part of the North sea and adjacent estuaries
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