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Laboratory of Plant Ecology and Biogeochemistry
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terrestrial ecosystems, heavy metal polluted sites, forest Vascular plants metallophytes, alien invasive plants


Name Role Start End
Jardin expérimental Jean Massart working_with
Herbarium and Library of African Botany isSuccessorOf


Name Role Start End
Lefèbvre, Claude leader
Meerts, Pierre leader 2007-01-01
Belalia, Laurence unknown
Dassonvile, Nicolas unknown
Dechamps, Caroline unknown
Domken, Sylvie unknown
Drouet, Thomas unknown
Faucon, Michel-Pierre unknown 2005-10-01
Herpigny, Basile unknown
Lefèbvre, Claude unknown
Ngongo Luhembwe, Michel unknown
Ngoy Shutcha, Mylor unknown
Noret, Nausicaa unknown
Vanderhoeven, Sonia unknown 1998-01-01 2005-12-01
Wart, Kristel unknown
Herouet, Juliette unknown


Name Role Start End
Conservation of plant genetical resources unknown
Plants soils relationships. unknown
Evolutionary Genetics and Biology of plant populations unknown
Soil science unknown
Biosystematics, cytotaxonomy and evolutionary mechanisms in polyploid complexes unknown
Genetic resources of crops, use of morphological and molecular markers unknown
Variation and adaptation of heavy metal tolerant plants unknown
Population ecology, genetics and biology of Silene nutans (Caryophyllaceae), a rare plant species in Belgium unknown
Taxonomy and ecology of weeds, especially Polygonum aviculare (Polygonaceae) unknown
Biodiversity and evolutionary processes in the species complex of Armeria maritima (Plumbaginaceae) unknown
Response of forest ecosystems to atmospheric pollution: a dendroecological and dendrochemical approach unknown
INPLANBEL: Invasive plants in Belgium: Patterns, processes and monitoring member 2003-01-01 2006-04-01
Identification of genes implicated in tolerance and hyperaccumulation of heavy metals in plants and comparison of physiological traits and population genetic structure of metallicolous and non-metallicolous populations member 2002-01-01 2006-12-01
Adaptation evolution and conservation of the copper flora of Katanga (Democratic republic of Congo) member 2005-08-01
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment member 2007-01-01 2009-12-01
Alien invasive plants in a changing climate member 2006-01-01 2010-12-01
Ecology of exotic plant invasions member
Comparing Fallopia japonica, F. sachalinensis and their hybrid F. xbohemica in Belgium: population ecology, functional traits and invasiveness member
Appui à la création d'un troisième cycle en biologie végétale et environnement à l'UNILU et approche multiscalaire de la remédiation de sols contaminés member 2005-08-01 2010-01-01
Integrated analysis of plant-soil relationships in extremophile ecosystems: outcrops of copper-rich rocks in Katanga (DR Congo) member 2009-01-01 2012-12-01

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