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Molecular entomology Ecology of semiochemistry Insect, bioinsecticides, proteomics, chemical ecology, biological control, beekeeping, forensic entomology, criminology, worm farming


Name Role Start End
Haubruge, Eric leader
Alabi, Taofic Abdel Fabrice unknown
Alhmedi, Ammar unknown
Al-Mohamad, Raki unknown
Arnaud, Ludovic unknown
Cuartero-Diaz, Gaëtan unknown
Francis, Frédéric unknown
Lenaerts, Olivier unknown
Mignon, Jacques unknown
N'Guyen Bach, Kim unknown
Patiny, Sébastien unknown
Remacle, Annie unknown
Fagot, Laurence unknown
Karimi, Jaber unknown
Vanhaelen, Nicolas unknown
Sidibé, A. unknown
Harmel, N. unknown
N'Guyet Minh, L. unknown
Verheggen, François post-doc
Zimmer, Jean-Yves PhD student 2007-01-01
Durieux, Delphine PhD student 2008-01-01
Dekeirsschieter, Jessica PhD student 2007-01-01
Fourdrilis, Séverine PhD student 2009-01-01
Frederickx, Christine PhD student 2008-01-01
Leroy, Pascal unknown
Vandereycken, Axel PhD student 2009-01-01
Yattara, Almouner A. PhD student 2009-01-01
Zirbes, Lara PhD student 2007-01-01
Vandermoten, Sophie PhD student 2005-01-01 2009-04-01


Name Role Start End
Production of biosurfactants unknown
The implementation of agri-environmental practices in farms unknown
The quarries in the Region Wallonne: inventory, biological interest and propositions of sites to protect unknown
Role of mycotoxins in the Kashin-Beck disease in Tibet unknown
Development of insecticides-resistant insects esterases as bioremediation tools unknown
Evaluation and use of beneficial insects in fields vegetable corps unknown
Development of traps for Hylecoetus dermestoïdes in beech-tree forests unknown
Impact of tri-trophic interactions on biological control: evolutionary approach of the Brassicaceae (Angiospermae), Aphids (Homoptera, Insects) and Episyrphus balteatus (Syrphidae, Diptera, Insecta) relations member
Survey of the ladybirds (Coccinellidae, Coleoptera, Insecta) in Wallonia (Belgium) member
Chorology and habitat preference of the ladybird-beetles (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in Belgium member
Management of pest insects in an industrial plant (galvanising steel) member
Plant insect interactions related to biological control and beneficial diversity member
Effects of stream artificialisation on aquatic bryophytes member
Taxonomy and biogeography of Bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) member
Bryophytes inventory of the Brussels Capital Region (Belgium) member
The use of ladybird-beetle larvae (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) to control aphid (Homoptera) populations member
Reproductive and ecological strategies of hoverflies (Diptera, Insecta) with predatory larvae member
Quarries in Wallonia (Belgium): inventory and biological interest member
Biogeography of bees and bumblebees (Hymenoptera Aculeata, Apoidea) in Wallonia (Belgium) member
Bryophyte floristics in W-Europe member
Molecular evolution of insect herbivores: insecticide resistance, insect-plant coevolution and olfaction member
Insect adaptation to a new environment member
Comparative study of insecticides resistance mechanisms member
Evaluation and use of beneficial entomofauna in vegetable open fields member
Entomological collection of the Agricultural University of Gembloux member
Les termites comme outil de valorisation de la biomasse lignocellulosique, étude protéomique (électrophorèse 2D) et métabolomique (GC-MS, LC-MS) des complexes enzymatiques des termites et de leurs symbiontes member
Evaluation of the impact of Ladybeetles invasions on walloon agriculture member 2009-02-01 2011-02-01
Mutualism and social life : aphid - ant interactions member 2009-01-01 2010-12-01
Development and use of new strategies to control pests, vectors of viral diseases in a rural environment in Shandong Province (China) member 2008-09-01 2012-01-01
VIRAGEP: The geographical variability of sexual pheromones and its involvement in speciation mechanisms in hornets (Hym.: Apoidea: Bombus) member
SOLAPHID: Biotechnologies related to the industrial reproduction of insects used in biological control member
TERMITOFUEL: Lignocellulose biomass valorization: study of enzymatical complex from termites and its common symbionts by proteomic and metabolomic approaches member
Assessment of how invasions of Asian ladybirds affect Walloon agriculture and taking this into account in integrated control programmes member
Management and sustainable use of the endemic silk worm Borocera cajanus in a forest environment in the Antananarivo region (Madagascar) member
Impact of global warming on aphid and virus species in potato growing: effect on the transmission of virus diseases and alternative control systems member

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