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Name Role Start End
Hallet, Vincent leader
Bonniver, Isabelle unknown
Cornet, Colette unknown
Dossin, Frédéric unknown
Rekk, Samantha unknown
Nogarède, Pierre unknown
André, Benoît unknown
Sorel, Aurélie unknown 2007-12-01
Van Eetvelde, Yohann unknown 2007-12-01
Yans, Johan unknown
Barbier, François unknown
Capette, Ludovic unknown
Lacour, Jean-Lionel unknown
Le Madec, David unknown


Name Role Start End
Biostratigraphical and paleoenvironmental analysis of the pyritized diatoms assemblages of the Upper Paleocene and Lower Eocene from the Dieppe-Hampshire, Belgium, Denmark and Tethys Basins unknown
Urban Agriculture for food security and well-being in Butembo (North-Kivu - R.D. of Congo) unknown
Hydrogeological study of karstic area. unknown
Hydrogeological investigation of Lutetian sand in the Gentissart natural reserve unknown
Groundwater quality characterization using macro-invertebrates. unknown
Hydrogeological investigation of karstic Devonian limestone in the southern Belgium. unknown
Palaoenvironments and stratigraphy during the two Millions years before present, based on fossil diatoms unknown
Research in support to the Belgian politic of cooperation. Integrated management by local actors of physical, plant and animal resources for a quality of life and a lasting development. unknown
Quarternary paleo-environment and stratigraphy, based on fossilized diatoms (Bacillariophyta) unknown
Contribution to the realisation of walloon hydrogeological maps member
Contribution of fossil diatoms to paleoenvironnemental data of the Cenozoïc member 1978-01-01
Determination of the age, the paleoenvironments and the formation of the "Cran aux Iguanodons" of Bernissart. Integration of the results in their global stratigraphical et paleogeographical contexts member 2005-01-01 2006-01-01
Carbon study in the organic matter of wealden facies sediments in North-western Europe. Stratigraphical implications (palynology and isotopical chemostratigraphy) member 2005-01-01 2007-01-01
Study and datation of the alteration profiles and the continental sediments on Brabant, Ardenne and surroundings member 2005-01-01 2007-01-01
Evolution and migration of mammals during the Paleocene-Eocene transition (60 à 50 million years) in the Northern hemisphere member 2008-09-01
Valorisation touristique des ressources naturelles de Libin (VALBOIS) member 2007-01-01 2008-01-01

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