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Chitinozoa, chitinozoans, coccolithophores, dinoflagellates, Gastropoda, gastropods, mammals, molluscs archeozoology, Brabant massive, domestication, evolution, geological mapping, macrofossils, microfossils, Miocene, nannofossils, Neogene, Ordovician, Paleogene, paleontology, palaeontology, Pliocene, Quaternary, Silurian, stratigraphy


Name Role Start End
Verniers, Jacques leader
Gautier, Achiel unknown
Louwye, Stephen unknown
Van Damme, Dirk unknown
Baccaert, Jan unknown
Debacker, Timothy unknown
Vandenbroucke, Thijs unknown
Van Roy, Peter unknown
Vanmeirhaeghe, Jan unknown
Missiaen, Pieter unknown
Mertens, Kenneth unknown
Van Bocxlaer, Bert unknown
Mortier, Jan unknown
Reynaert, Nelly unknown
Van Cauwenberghe, Sabine unknown
Verhoeven, Koen unknown
Verleye, Thomas unknown
Verreth, Maarten unknown


Name Role Start End
Archaeozoology: archaeometry of mammal bones unknown
Archaeozoology in Europe, N-Africa and SW-Asia unknown
Archaeozoological reference collection (Vertebrata; Mollusca; Crustacea) unknown
Middle Ordovician to Silurian basin development of the northern edge of the Midlands Microcraton (Condroz - Brabant - East Anglia) leader
The Pliocene at the southern margin of the North Sea Basin: stratigraphy and paleoenvironment based on magnetostratigraphy and integrated analysis of palynomorphs. leader
Chitinozoan biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography of the Upper Ordovician on the Avalonia and Laujrentia palaeocontinents. leader
Exceptionally preserved problematic organisms from te Ordovician of Morocco and their relatives. leader
Tectonics of the Early Palaeozoic basin development in NW Europe: basin analysis and magnetic fabric analysis in the Belgian Caledonides. leader
Exceptional kept problematical organisms from the Ordovicium of Morocco en their relatives unknown 1999-10-01 2003-09-30
De Laat-Quartaire paleomilieuvariaties langs de Zuid-Amerikaanse westelijke continentale rand: Een reconstructie aan de hand van dinoflagellatencysten en TEX86 unknown
Hoge-resolutie-biostratigrafisch onderzoek van mariene palynomorfen met een onderzoeksmicroscoop en geÔntegreerde digitale beeldarchivering. unknown
Marine Research Drilling - The ESF Magellan Workshop Series. unknown
Vlaamse deelname aan het Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) met het European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD). unknown

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