Lambinon, Jacques


Professor {Researchers academic Title}


Name Role Start End
Botanic Garden at Sart Tilman, the University campus of Liège promotor
Floristics in Corsica and preparation of a flora of this island promotor
Herbarium LG of seeds and other diaspores promotor
Preparation of a checklist of the vascular flora of the Maghreb (N-Africa) promotor
Editor of the Bulletin and the exsiccata (approx. 1000 specimens every 2 years) of the "Société pour l'Echange des Plantes vasculaires de l'Europe et du Bassin méditerranéen" promotor
Floristics in Belgium, G.-D. Luxembourg, northern France and neighbouring regions promotor
General herbarium LG of vascular plants (i.e. excl. europe, mediterranean, Macaronesia, tropical Africa) promotor
Herbarium LG of cultivated vascular plants promotor
Herbarium LG of plant galls promotor
Herbarium LG of vascular plants: europe and mediterranean bassin (incl. Macaronesia) promotor
Herbarium LG of vascular plants: tropical Africa promotor
Impact of introduced plant species, including allochtonous material of indigenous species, on the natural flora and vegetation promotor
Preparation of a catalogue of plant galls found in Belgium and northern France promotor
Secretary of the board of editors of the Belgian identification flora of vascular plants promotor
Biodiversity conservation, especially in NW-Europe, with emphasis on the network "Natura 2000" and the management of protected sites co-promotor


Name Role Start End
Biologie de l’évolution et de la conservation unknown

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