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Research unit Ecology and biogeography
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ecology, biodiversity, population biology, biological control, biological conservation


Name Role Start End
Behavioural Ecology & Conservation Group isParentOf
Biodiversité à l'échelle locale et régionale isParentOf
Réponse des espèces et des communautés aux mécanismes de l'environnement isParentOf
Ecologie des interactions et contrôle biologique isParentOf
Biodiversity Research Group working_with
Plant ecology and evolution isParentOf
Quantitative conservation biology isParentOf


Name Role Start End
Wesselingh, Renate leader
De Sloover, Jacques unknown
Iserentant, Robert unknown
Le Roi, Alain unknown
Ghuisoland, Julien unknown


Name Role Start End
Phylogeography of the genus Rhinanthus in Europe unknown
Wolbachia infection in a temperate aphid-predator-parasitoid community. unknown
Plant populations in Ardenne heathlands and bogs. unknown
Pest management using predators and parasitoids in experimental orchards. unknown
Interactions between plants and phytophagous insects in the context of biological control. Biochemically mediated interactions and olfactometry. Influence of endosymbionts on aphid adaptation to the host plant. Impact of the host plant on the genetic unknown
Relations between flower biology and pollinating insects and allogamy vs. autogamy unknown
Functioning of plant and animal populations and microevolutionary differentiation unknown
Relict populations of Rhopalocera unknown
Study of the population dynamics of aphids, their predators and parasitoids in cereal crops, orchards and glasshouses and biological control. Development of a method for mass rearing of parasitoids. unknown
Ecology of open communities in the High Ardennes (plateau des Tailles) unknown
Biodiversity conservation: survey, monitoring and management strategies unknown
Speciation, polyploidization, hybridization and introgression in the genus Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae) unknown
Resource allocation : patterns of fruit and seed set within inflorescences unknown
Analyses of sexe détermination and allocation in Microhymenoptera unknown
Analyses of cold resistance, diapause and overwintering in Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) unknown
Development of integrated pest management against carrot fly unknown
Species complex and speciation unknown
Entomological biodiversity and evolutionary ecology in the neotropics member
Natural hybridization between Rhinanthus minor and Rhinanthus angustifolius (Scrophulariaceae) member
ALIEN IMPACT: Biodiversity Impacts of highly invasive alien plants: mechanisms, enhancing factors and risk assessment member 2007-01-01 2009-12-01
MODIRISK: Mosquito vectors of disease: spatial biodiversity, drivers of change, and risk member 2006-12-01 2009-01-01
STOREPROTEC: utilisation des huiles essentielles extraites de plantes condimentaires pour la protection des denrées stockées sous forme de grains member 2003-09-01 2007-01-01

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