Research Orgunit:BB|306

Conservation biology, Biological evaluation, Belgian Ringing Scheme
Rue Vautier/Vautierstraat, 29



Habitat typologies, forests, aridlands Mammals, Birds


Name Role Start End
Devillers, Pierre leader 2007-01-01
Leponce, Maurice unknown
Lafontaine, René-Marie unknown
Roggeman, Walter unknown
Beudels, Roseline-Claire leader
Bachy, Isabelle unknown
Beudels, Marie-Odile unknown
Bataille, Baptiste unknown
Busch, Elisabeth unknown
Delsinne, Thibaut unknown
Devos, Céline unknown
Fairon, Jacques unknown
Kapfer, Géraldine unknown
Laurent, Yves unknown
Monticelli, David unknown
Sleeuwagen, Diane unknown
Tavernier, Jan unknown
Theunis, Laurence unknown
Vangeluwe, Didier unknown
Van Gompel, Roel unknown
Verschuren, Jacques unknown
Vos, Luc unknown
Loneux, Michèle unknown 2009-05-01


Name Role Start End
Use of ants in leaf-litter as bio-indicators unknown
Classification of habitats of Slovenia, Albania and FYROM unknown
Nature development project for the creek area in St-Laureins, near the Dutch border (province of Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium) unknown
Conservation plan for the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra, Ciconiidae, Aves) in Belgium unknown
Fluctuating asymmetry of spider mites (Acari, Arachnida) unknown
Population dynamics and movements of feral Egyptian geese in Belgium unknown
Management and improvement of bat (Chiroptera, Mammalia) habitats in Wallonia (Belgium) unknown
Conservation action for the slender-billed curlew (Numenius tenuirostris, Scolopacidae, Aves) unknown
Population dynamics and habitat selection of red-breasted and lesser white-fronted geese on their wintering grounds in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece) unknown
Survey of the birds and mammals of Franz-Joseph-land and Barents Sea (Russia) unknown
Community ecology of termites (Isoptera, Insecta) unknown
Population dynamics and strategy of dispersal of reintroduced eagle owl, Bubo bubo (Strigiformes, Aves) unknown
Conservation action for the Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus (Mammalia, Pinnipedia) unknown
Scientific support to the implementation of the European Community Birds and Habitats Directives unknown
Belgian bird ringing centre unknown
Bats of the Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium) unknown
Development of new agricultural techniques for a sustainable use of the environment unknown
Nature management and conservation of bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) in the Walloon region (Belgium) unknown
Survey of and database on the mammals of the Brussels region (Belgium) unknown
Study and conservation of the forest of Mohéli (R.F.I. des Comores), an indigenous forest block threatened by human pressure unknown
PHYSIS South America: habitat typology unknown
Database Distribution and Migration of Bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) in Belgium unknown
Potential impact of the introduced Asian chipmunk (Eutamias sibiricus, Laxmann 1769, Rodentia, Mammalia) on the breeding bird fauna in Belgium member
Digitization of a reference collection of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Paraguayan dry Chaco member 2007-01-01 2007-01-01
Shifts in wintering area of selected indigenous bird species member 2009-05-01
Conservation and restoration of the Sahelo-Saharan Megafauna, in the framework of the UN Convention on Migratory Species member 1996-01-01
Conservation and restoration of Central Asian aridlands megafauna member 2002-01-01
Development of an international Agreement for the conservation of Gorillas and their habitats, under the auspices of the UN Convention on Migratory Species member 2005-01-01 2008-12-01
Biodiversity and agricultural economics: a methodological research for the estimation and the payment of an intentional product for the conservation of biodiversity member 1994-04-01 1997-03-01

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