Entomological and arachnological collections


The collections of Insects, Spiders and Myriapodes, managed by the Department of Entomology, gather more than 15.000.000 of specimens belonging to the majority of orders. Started during the first half of the 19th century, these collections include, in addition to "traditional " specimens, tens of thousands of the types. These types are single and of a priceless scientific value, they represent the specimens having been used for the description of a species. The entomogical collections are used as a basis in the majority of the research undertaken in zoology, so much in the fundamental field (systematic, ecology, biogeography) that applied biology... They are regularly consulted by the Belgian researchers but also by many foreign researchers. Each year, they are at the base many scientific publications published mainly in reviews internationales. 
For several years, several scientists and technicians manage these collections. One of the aspects of this management is the availability of the  scientific or private public of the maximum of the data. This work is still far from being completed but we can, as of now, to give you access to more or less complete lists of types and/or species :


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