Lagunation and disposal of dredged material from the Lower-Scheldt: possibilities for landscape repair and nature development? A critical analysis of the site at Steendorp


As a result of the conditions of the 'W.V.O. licence' needed to dredge large amounts of sludge from the Lower-Scheldt, the Ministry of the Flemish community division Environment and Infrastructure decided to remove sludge out of the Lower-Scheldt corresponding to an amount of 300.000 ton dry matter every year. That is prescribed in the 'Policy plan for the sanitation of the sediment of the Lower-Scheldt'. A former clay pit at Steendorp (Temse, Belgium) is a possible site for the lagunation and disposal of dredged material from the Lower-Scheldt. After filling the pit a new destination could be given to the site. This study comprises an inventory of the abiotic and biotic environment of the study area, which will be the basis for an evaluation. Secondly we investigate the environmental risk of the project and what there must be done to realize the destination 'nature'. For this purpose we will formulate a vision of the possible development of the site. Finally different scenarios will be drawn up for the setting up/design and the completing/finishing of the clay borrow pit.



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