Policy oriented analysis and proposals for optimising legal and social instruments for nature development projects


This research aims at improving the efficiency of legal and social instruments for nature development in Flanders. Nature development projects require not only a sound ecological basis (identification of necessary nature development measures, etc.), but also a scientifically based legal and social basis. The legal part of the research project aims at a practical legal support for the improvement of the legal instruments for nature development. The social part of the research project aims at the research on the possibilities for extending the public support of the selected nature development projects, through the proposal for the sensitization of the projects. It also wants to give an insight in the social perception of nature development and to formulate proposals for the extension of the public support for these projects. The project is a VLINA-project (Flemish impulsprogramme for nature development) and is carried out together with the Centre for Environmental Law (Ghent University), the Sociale Hogeschool KVMW Gent, and the former Institute for Nature Conservation.



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