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Flora of tropical Africa
Domein van Bouchout Nieuwelaan, 38




Name Role Start End
De Block, Petra unknown
De Smedt, Sofie unknown
Engledow, Henry unknown
Champluvier, Dominique unknown
Groom, Quentin John unknown
Dessein, Steven unknown
Stoffelen, Piet (scientific) collaborator 1999-03-01
Stévart, Tariq (scientific) collaborator


Name Role Start End
Biosystematic study of tropical Rubiaceae with a focus on the tribes Pavetteae and Ixoreae and on Malagasy representatives of the family unknown
Management of Herbarium collections of the vascular plants at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium unknown
Taxonomy, systematics and chorology of the Dipterocarpaceae (Angiospermae) in Central Africa unknown
Poaceae of Benin: checklist and preparation of a user-friendly identification key unknown
Phytogeographical links between Africa and Southwest Asia unknown
Phylogeny, classification and systematics of the Rubiaceae (Angiosperms) unknown
Floristics, mainly in Wallonia (Belgium) and French Lorraine unknown
Catalogue of vascular plants from the Kinshasa-region (D. R. Congo) unknown
Flora of Senegal unknown
Systematic studies on tropical African Rubiaceae unknown
Editor of the Bulletin du Jardin botanique nationale de Belgique-Bulletin van de Nationale Plantentuin van België unknown
Flora and vegetation of the deserts of Iran unknown
Taxonomy, phytosociology and phytochorology of the mountainous massif Jebel Uweinat (desert of Libya) unknown
Taxonomy, systematics, palynology and chorology of the Bombacaceae worldwide unknown
Seedling development (blastogeny) as a tool to the generic delimitations in the family Caesalpiniaceae (vascular plants, dicotyledons), mainly in Africa unknown
Taxonomy of Caesalpiniaceae and Papilionaceae (vascular plants, dicotyledons) of Tropical Africa, mainly Central Africa unknown
Phytosociology of aquatic plant communities in the République démocratique du Congo (ex-Zaire) unknown
Taxonomy of Euphorbiaceae (vascular plants, dicotyledons) of Tropical Africa, mainly Central Africa unknown
Herbarium collections management of the vascular plants at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium unknown
Management of private nature reserves and nature reserves of the Walloon Regional Government in the Gaume and the Ardennes natural regions (Belgium) unknown
Identification of tropical African plants unknown
Taxonomy and systematics of Acanthaceae of Tropical Africa unknown
Amaryllidaceae, Hypoxidaceae and Iridaceae of the Flora Malesiana and Flora of Indochina unknown
Database and management of the African herbarium (especially Lower-Congo) of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium unknown
Taxonomy of orchids and other monocotyledons in Central Africa unknown
Botanical illustrator: line drawings of vascular plants unknown
Ethnobotany (medicinal plants, vernacular names) and tropical horticulture in Central Africa unknown
Identification of woody plant species of Central Africa unknown
Editor of the series 'Distributiones Plantarum Africanarum': distribution maps of African plants unknown
Taxonomy and floristics of the vascular flora of Central Africa (Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Burundi) and editor of the two series (Spermatophytes; Pteridophytes) of the 'Flore d'Afrique centrale' unknown
Biosystematic studies in the tribe Pavetteae (Rubiaceae-Ixoroideae) unknown
Genera of the Rubiaceae unknown
Herbarium Africanum, Vascular plants, National Botanic Garden of Belgium BR unknown
Herbarium LV unknown
Poaceae of Benin unknown
Wild coffee species (Coffea; Rubiaceae) in central and West Africa member 1993-08-01

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