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Laboratory for Wood Biology
Leuvensesteenweg, 13



forests and woodlands


Name Role Start End
Laboratory for Wood Biology isParentOf
Non Woody Plant Products isParentOf
Land degradation and remote sensing isParentOf


Name Role Start End
Couralet, Camille unknown
Deridder, Maaike unknown
Toirambe, Benjamin unknown
Hubau, Wannes unknown
Delvaux, Claire unknown
Schmitz, Nele unknown
Tavernier, Wim unknown
Kempenaers, José unknown
De Marchi, Olivier unknown
Robert, Elisabeth unknown
Kitin, Peter unknown
Beeckman, Hans leader


Name Role Start End
Climatological characteristics of the distribution area of the genus Artocarpus (Moraceae) unknown
Wood anatomical and dendrochronological aspects of oak decline in the Flemish region (Belgium) unknown
Ecology of the African oil palm Elaeis guineensis (Palmae) unknown
The use of homoclimates to determine the theoretical possibilities of cultural extension of Eminia holubii (Fabaceae) in the world, out of the natural area of the species unknown
QB.SWAIN.BAS: a software program for the identification of planting Eucalyptus species under specific climatological conditions unknown
Analysis of environmental information stored in lignified tissues unknown
Description of paleo-environments based on fossil wood identifications and actual vegetations unknown
Compilation of literature data on the phytosociology and phytogeography of tropical regions unknown
The use of homoclimates to determine the theoretical possibilities of cultural extension of the central American Simarouba glauca tree (Rosidae, Simaroubaceae) in Burundi unknown
Link between the habitat and anatomical charateristics of the wood in sub-saharian Africa unknown
Identification of lignified tissues by its anatomical characteristics unknown
Xylarium of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren wood collection-Tw) unknown
Library of the section Agronomy and Forestry Economics unknown
Cambial activity dynamics and wood anatomy of mangroves member
Dynamics of a semi-deciduous rainforest in Luki, DRC member
Decoding of ecological and climatological information from lignified tissues from tropical Africa member
Carrying capacity of Pericopsis stands for forest logging member
Identification of wooden objects member
Water pathways in trees member
Wood production and heartwood formation of trees from African manmade forests member
Climate reconstruction, archaeobotany and vegetation history in Central Africa member
Non-wood plant products of the Democratic Republic of Congo (ex-Zaire) member

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