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Vanderhoeven, Sonia
I am currently senior scientist at the Belgian Biodiversity Platform where I coordinate activities on IAS and biodiversity conservation. I am the facilitator of the Belgian Forum on IAS that integrates scientific information on presence, distribution, ecology, impacts and management of species. I have a special interest in science-policy interface and related tools such as risk analysis.


Atlantic {Bioregions of Expertise}
Continental {Bioregions of Expertise}
Databases {Distribution data}
Freshwater {Environment of Interest}
Terrestrial {Environment of Interest}
Citizen Science {Fields of Expertise}
Communication on IAS {Fields of Expertise}
Distribution data {Fields of Expertise}
Management of IAS {Fields of Expertise}
Policy {Fields of Expertise}
Prevention {Fields of Expertise}
Risk assessment {Fields of Expertise}
Risk communication {Fields of Expertise}
Risk management {Fields of Expertise}
Social perception {Fields of Expertise}
Species ecology {Fields of Expertise}
Species evolution {Fields of Expertise}
Belgium {Geographical area of Expertise}
Brussels Capital Region {Geographical area of Expertise}
Europe {Geographical area of Expertise}
Wallonia {Geographical area of Expertise}
Aquatic plant species {Management}
Terrestrial plant species {Management}
Developing management techniques {Other Experience}
Codes of Conducts {Prevention}
Pathway analysis {Prevention}
Environmental assessment {Risk Assessment}
Plants {Taxonomical area of Expertise}


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