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Adriaens, Tim
I am the focal point for IAS at INBO. I have a broad network in the field of IAS research and provide expertise & support in relation to IAS and biodiversity. Current topics include risk analysis, horizon scanning, control of invasive amphibian and exotic geese populations, weeds, ruddy duck and muntjak eradication, aquatic IAS, exotic insects, IAS recording and monitoring etc. I coordinated the European-funded Invexo and RINSE projects on invasive species.


Atlantic {Bioregions of Expertise}
Continental {Bioregions of Expertise}
Databases {Distribution data}
Geographical Information Systems {Distribution data}
Information technology {Distribution data}
Recording Systems {Distribution data}
Freshwater {Environment of Interest}
Terrestrial {Environment of Interest}
Citizen Science {Fields of Expertise}
Communication on IAS {Fields of Expertise}
Cost benefit analyses {Fields of Expertise}
Distribution data {Fields of Expertise}
Legislation {Fields of Expertise}
Management of IAS {Fields of Expertise}
Policy {Fields of Expertise}
Risk assessment {Fields of Expertise}
Species ecology {Fields of Expertise}
Belgium {Geographical area of Expertise}
Europe {Geographical area of Expertise}
Flanders {Geographical area of Expertise}
Amphibians and reptiles {Management}
Aquatic plant species {Management}
Birds {Management}
Insects {Management}
Mammals {Management}
Terrestrial plant species {Management}
Developing management techniques {Other Experience}
Biosecurity {Prevention}
Animal health assessment {Risk Assessment}
Environmental assessment {Risk Assessment}
Plants {Taxonomical area of Expertise}
Reptiles {Taxonomical area of Expertise}


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