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Biological control Diagnosis and elimination of viral agents and procaryotes, Propagation channels Post-harvest diseases and sensitivity of stored foodstuffs Plant pathology, plant pathogens, biological control, biological control agent, molecular diagnosis, diagnosis kit, stored foodstuffs, post-harvest, in vitro propagation


Name Role Start End
Aharon, Hava unknown
Aldhagi, Majid unknown
Busogoro, Jean-Pierre unknown
Fekih, Imène unknown
Friel, Damien unknown
Krimi, Sanae unknown
Lahlali, Rachid unknown
Lassois, Ludivine unknown
Massart, Sébastien unknown
Menari, Monia unknown
Moh, Augustin unknown
Reichel, Helena unknown
Dagno, K. unknown
Falmagne, N. unknown
Olivier, T. unknown
Bajji, Mohammed unknown
Lepoivre, Philippe leader
Jijakli, Haissam (permanent) researcher


Name Role Start End
Genetic engineered plants for virus resistance in potato unknown
Fruit trees virus detection unknown
Genetic diversity of fungal phytopathogens unknown
Development of methods for molecular detection of viral plant pathogens unknown
Screening for disease resistance in agricultural crops unknown
Diagnostic of plant pathogens unknown
Development of biological control methods against plant pathogens unknown
Selection for resistance to plant diseases unknown
Study of impact of climatic and agrotechnical factors on physiological and parasitic components of crown rot disease development in Cameroon’s conditions member
cDNA-AFLP molecular characterisation of export banana susceptibility differences to crown rot disease member
Selection of banana resistant against black Sigatoka member
Formation and research to develop biological control methods against post harvest diseases of citrus and apples member
Study of modes of action of yeasts strains against post harvest diseases of apples with molecular and biochemical Tools member
Industrial valorisation of biological control against post harvest diseases of apples and pears member
Genetic improvement of two antagonistic yeasts against postharvest diseases of fruits member
Genetic and molecular characterisation of two non conventional yeasts antagonist against Botrytis cinerea member
Development of biocontrol agents for commercial application against post-harvest diseases of perishable foods member
Integrated control of postharvest deseases of apples and pears member

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